Sunday, June 29, 2008

San Diego

We just went on our annual trip to San Diego California! We left super early on thursday the 19th and traveled to Chula Vista where the KOA is, we got there in the afternoon and set up camp, than Darin and his brother Tyson went down to the playground to play basketball and Darin hurt his back, so he was out of commision for the rest of the day and friday so we just stayed at camp and rented some bikes for the kids and went swimming at the pool. Saturday was the beach day so we cruised over the bridge to Coronado Island. Dillon loves the beach and got a little to brave in the waves(I thought I was gonna have to go in after him a few times) Degan wasn't to crazy about the water it was way to cold and he kept running away from the waves when they rolled in, he kept saying: Dad lets go home! Sunday we went to Legoland and the kids had alot of fun, expecially Dillon he thought it was pretty cool to see stuff built with legos. (Dillon has his cubby filled with legos and loves to build things with the neighborhood kids & his Dad) They had rooms where you could sit and build stuff and Dillon wanted to hang out and build with the legos but we just didn't have time, so he would get upset, we needed a couple of days for him to be able to do everything, but he still had fun!! Degan just wanted to play at the playgrounds where he could run around like a wild man!! Monday morning Darin went to the ER cause his back was hurting him so bad, they gave him a shot of something to ease the pain & after waiting for over 4 hrs. he got mad and left! he said it was a good thing he wasn't dieing he probably wouldn't have made it!! Even with a trip to the hospital we had a good time and can't wait till next year!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Dustin

Life at the Jones house has been alot of fun lately, We added another little boy 6 months ago, right before Christmas on December 21. Dustin has been the best baby, but than again he has no choice with two other brothers who need mom's attention to, he's happy in his swing or excersaucer, Dillon & Degan love having him around they dance around and make him laugh, they sing him songs when he cries, and they fight over who gets to hold him. Degan always says "Dustin needs me" Degan is 2 1/2 going on 6, he thinks he's as big as Dillon and tries to do everthing he does, he's our little rugrat (his dad likes to call him) he's obsessed with motorcycles & 4-Wheelers, he's always got one or the other in his hand at all times and he makes us tell him motocycle stories when we put him to bed! Dillon is the best big brother ever he potty trained Degan for us by being scared to go to the bathroom by himself at night so he'd ask Degan if he wanted to go to the bathroom with him and of course Degan would say yes so off they'd go to the bathroom. Dillon also just learned to ride his big bike, where we live it has lots of hills so he has fun zooming down them, not so much fun going up. Darin and I are enjoying having 3 healthy boys, who could ask for more.