Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lovely Ladies

Today was Chenee's baby shower at the Four Seasons. Tiff & I joked for weeks about having to wear a dress and a fancy sun hat, and even though we felt out of our element it was a lot of fun and Chenee looked amazing!!

Welcome to the Dominguez Retirment Home!!

Thursday night was Bunco with the girls! We've started doing theme nights and tonight's theme was senior citizen night! Jenean & I dressed up as an old couple, don't we look hot!!

1/2 way to one!!

WOW the last 6 months have been a blur and I can't believe Dax is already 1/2 way to one! I haven't taken him back to the doctor so I don't know how much he weighs but he seems to be healthy and progressing normally so I'm not to worried, I guess by the 4th kid you follow your instincts a little more and my instincts tell me he can wait a little longer before they try and give him 100 shots! He loves to have his Daddy put him to sleep! He likes his veggies except for green beans and he likes most fruits except for apples & pears, if he doesn't like what we're feeding him he spits it back out at us! He isn't rolling over or sitting up yet and I think it's because he doesn't let us put him down! But we just can't help ourselves he is just to darn cute not to hold all day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

First & Last

I Love this picture of my mom with her last grand baby and her first great grand baby!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

California here we come!!

This years Cali trip was pretty low key, we basically just hung out at the KOA and the kids enjoyed playing with their cousins!! Degan thought he was pretty cool hanging out with the big boys and ate way to much junk and him & Ryker threw up within a minute of each other all over their sleeping bags the first night we were there (fun times) The next day we all headed to the mormon battalion and the kids got to pan for fouls gold! The travel channel was shooting at the KOA this year and interviewed Mom & Ann and filmed all the kids playing "super sized olympics." We of course went to the beach and even though it was crazy cold the kids still got in the water! The kids put on a talent show for all to enjoy! Degan & Dusty of course danced & Dillon wrote a book with Maicey & Gage about whales! We tracked down Hodad's from diner drive ins & dives and enjoyed a yummy burger & an even yummier strawberry shake! We also went back to Luigi's pizzeria again cause they have the best pizza ever! Dillon was as happy as can be hanging out with Gager & Maicey :) Degan made us track down a skate park to work on his scooter skills and spent a lot of time in the back of the KOA on a bike track! Dusty loved playing at the park and riding his bike around with his Dad! Dax was super good the whole time we were there I think it was because someone was always holding him especially Tayia! It was another fun year and we of course can't wait till next year!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scones Anyone???

I was in the shower and Degan took it upon himself to warm up some scones! He said he meant to push 1-1-5 like he does for burritos but pushed an extra 1 so the scones were in the microwave for over 11 minutes!! When I walked into the living room it was crazy smokey, smelled horrible, and took over 2 hours to air the house out!! Degan is no longer allowed to use the microwave by himself!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shhhh.....Big Brother is here!

Dax was sitting with Degan watching cartoons and he was getting kinda fussy so Degan started tickling his face and put him to sleep! So cute and good job Degan!!

School is awesome, When it's closed for summer!

Patricia, Ryan, Zach, & Dillon
Dillon took his camera to school on the last day and this is what he came home with! He had a good year and made some good friends!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grant M. Bowler's got talent!

Zach, Cropper, Ryan, Dillon & Dalley
Mrs. Hall had a talent show for her students so Dillon and his friends did a dance to I'm sexy and I know it!! There was a lot of snake action on the ground and the running man was what they were doing when they weren't on the ground doing the snake! And than Dillon showed everyone how to draw woody woodpecker!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Watch Out 1st Grade - here comes Degan!!

Degan had his Kindergarten program today! They sang some really cute songs and than Mrs. Hammons made a slide show of pictures of all the things they did through the year, which totally made me sad cause I hadn't really stopped to think about how fast this year flew by and Degan moving on unti I was standing there watching his kindergarten year flash before my eyes. We than made our way to the "pooper scooper" with Granny & Papa for a celebratory lunch! And Degan acted like a goof ball dancing behind people in line without them knowing (he clearly has been watching to much Ellen with me!) than home with some of his friends to play the day away! I've got my fingers crossed he'll get a good teacher next year, they have some mighty big shoes to fill Mrs. Hammons was the best!