Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hippity Hoppity!!

Easter this year was full of lots of fun!! When you have lots of cousins to share the day with how could you not have fun? This year we spent Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's! We colored eggs, went swimming, did a humanitarian project, had a huge egg hunt, and met the Easter Bunny! Oh and ate and ate and ate somemore! The kids were so funny after the hunt they all sat on the patio and seperated their candy into piles and than proceeded to trade piles of candy for other piles of candy!! I think John P. ended up with everyones butterscoth candies!! So a Big Thank You to Gma & Gpa for always making Easter so much fun!! We Love You!

Spring Break!!

What do you do when your out of school for a whole week on Spring Break? Build forts between your beds and watch movies!

Construct things out of popsicle sticks with the neighbor boy Jaidyn!

Have a picnic with Bailee on the tramp!

Go hiking on some random trail just ouside of St. George!

Of all the things we did on Spring Break Hiking was their favorite!! They would hide behind rocks and make scary animal noises trying to scare each other! and Dustin did pretty good keeping up and made Daddy carry him most of the way back!! When asked "What would Bear do?" Dillon said Bear would do something crazy like climb to the top of that big mountain! and I think he's right!! Degan was the best hider of all, behind bushes and rocks! and on the way back to the car we had to go down a tricky little hill, so he jumps down with no problem and then comes and takes my hand to help me get down!! So Sweet!! I love having boys, I'll always be protected!!