Tuesday, January 29, 2013


How can my baby possibly be one? It truly amazes me how much a baby learns in the first year of life! Dax you have been so much fun to have around this last year, I've tried to enjoy you as much as I can but I'm afraid that this year has passed by way to quickly and I haven't taken enough pictures or videos of all the cute things you say and do, I haven't kissed or snuggled you enough. My absolute FAVORITE part has been watching your brothers take care of you, they each love you so much and watch after you so well, soon you will be as big as them and not need me as much but for now I will enjoy your need to follow me around and make messes every chance you get, just slow down I love you!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New School

Here we go!!
Dillon & Ms. Schirg
Degan & Ms. Scott
Cute little Monsters
So the adventure begins, I sent my small town boys out to the wolves (literally it's the school mascot!) I took them the first day to meet their teachers and found out for myself just how crazy the whole drop your kids off for school really is! I think the kids were both excited and nervous (Dillon more nervous than excited!) to be the new kid in class, they survived and are willing to back tomorrow so it went well!! Than we went to CiCi's Pizza to celebrate the big day!! So Proud of my boys, Change is hard but good!

Happy New Year

-Junk Food-
Nerf Gun Wars
Just Dance
Happy New Year!
Dad had to work New Years this year, but the boys and I had a fun time partying in our underwear (the boys not me!) I made envelopes for the boys to open every hour until it was 12:00 with fun things for them to do inside!! It was a very low key New Year but the boys had fun and want to do the envelope thing again next year!!

The after Christmas - Christmas Party

Granny's party this year was an after Christmas, Christmas Party!! The Doty's came down for a visit so we waited for them to get here to have our annual partay!! The kids of course made houses and OD'd on candy & sugar!, Alisha put together some fun minute to win it games for the older kids! Luckily the kids spent most of their time outside on the new swing set and just enjoyed being together! Four or five days after the party we get a call telling us that some of the Utah kids had lice, they thought it was gone but it wasn't and we should probably check our kids just in case. WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I was not happy with this news and checked my kids heads everyday sometimes twice a day for the next four days, but thank goodness we didn't get it, but the Andrew girls weren't so lucky and their poor mom became a crazy Nazi lice person!! Can't wait for next year just without the lice scare!!

Dax is #1

Hamster Cheeks!
Cute Mustache Baby
A whole year with Dax in our family has been fun, my favorite part has been watching the other boys spoil him! He is definitely spoiled rotten and he knows it, all he has to do is scream and yell and one of his brother's is right there to help him out! They keep an eye out for him and are quick to get legos out of his mouth or wipe his runny nose. They take him outside and swing him or sit and watch yo-gabba-gabba with him!! He is very well loved and we all love having him around!!

Christmas Fun

12-23-12 We took the boys out to Town Square to see the huge Christmas tree and to do some last minute shopping. I feel like this Christmas was a blur and I didn't enjoy it like I usually do, I'm sure the whole moving out of our house four days before Christmas had something to do with not feeling the Christmas spirit but there's always next year and I'll be sure not to let that one pass us by!!

12-24-12 We went over to the Overson's for a Christmas Eve Dinner and let the kids run wild and destroy their upstairs!! After dinner we drove 2 minutes to our new place and the kids opened their Christmas PJ's and I had made the three older boys a picture book of Ruger! The boys are excited at first and than Degan starts reading some of the stories I wrote and begins to cry, so of course Darin & I start crying and than Dillon. Not quit the reaction I was hoping for but super sweet! -they miss their dog-

12-25-12 Even with all the craziness of moving right before Christmas not one present was lost, and Santa still found us! -YAY- The boys were all happy with what santa dropped off and we had to take them to the skate park later so they could try out their new scooters!! The Elf on the Shelf was another favorite present, Degan was SOOO happy to see him hangin out on his scooter that morning and that sneeky elf kept the boys entertained for the next few days until we packed him up for next years fun!! Merry Christmas!

5909 Cancun

So Long Farewell

Neighbor Friends
Best Buddies
Dax & Thayne
Canyon, Jesse, Degan, Breckan, & Tucker
Jesse & Dustin
Dillon & Zach
     Dillon & Thayne have been buddies for years and were always at each other's houses building forts, playing video games or creating things in the lego room! Thayne would come get the boys every morning to go catch the bus and Dax would get so excited to see him & reach out for Thayne to hold him, I think Dax thought Thayne was one of his brothers because he was at our house so much!!
     Degan had a good group of boys to hang out with, they have been friends since their preschool days! After the reindeer run Scarlett planned a little going away party for Degan at the park and they all ran around like crazy boys do!
     Dustin & Jesse were just getting started, they didn't always get along and fought over something every time they got together, but that didn't stop them from wanting to play together all the time. They had fun playing with the batman house or watching videos on the computer!
     Moving the kids away from their friends is by far the hardest part of moving. But I promised the boys that they won't loose touch with their best friends and we now allow sleepovers but only with our Logandale friends!! Who knows maybe we'll end up back in Logandale!!

Reindeer Run

Conley 2nd place & Degan 1st place

The P.E. teacher Ms. Hoy does a "Reindeer Run" every year before the kids go on Christmas break. Degan was so excited to race and talked about it for weeks and would show me bits & pieces of the dance they were learning! It was origanly scheduled for Dec. 14th and wouldn't you know it Degan woke up that morning with the flu, but luckily it got rescheduled because it was raining!! (I can't tell you how happy Degan was:) so Dec. 19th was the day! It was super cold and windy but Degan SMOKED everyone he was racing!!

Moving Day

12/12/12 a perfect day for a party!!

Jesse, Taiven, Dustin, & Thatcher

Dusty decided that he needed to have a party for his 5th Birthday!! We invited his preschool buddies and Jesse down the street to come make a mess! We feed them pizza and green goblin punch, than played games and let them shoot silly string at the villians! Happy Birthday Buddy we Love You!