Saturday, May 31, 2014

Talent Show & Play

The 5th graders do a talent show at the end of the year! Dillon signed up to do the Big Mac Rap and some other kid named Alan signed up to do it too so they did it together and talked Zach & Connor to do it with them! They did great and I was happy Dillon wanted to do something!!

Ms. Wimer's class did a cute play about nursery rhymes! Degan was one of the 3 fiddlers! he had a few lines and did great!! the only problem was he refused to change his outfit and wore it for three days straight! by the 3rd day it was looking kinda dirty!

HiHoHiHo It's off to Grandma's we go!!

It's memorial day weekend and I'm not sure why the kids are even in school at this point! Instead of sitting around our house trying to keep the kids quiet while Dad sleeps we headed up to Grandma's for some fun & to do some laundry!! My mom always makes sure there's plenty of eggo waffles for Dusty so he can eat them for every meal!! and this time she even let them swim but I'm sure she's regretting that decision when she had to jump into the pool fully clothed to save Dax from drowning!! So glad she was close by! She's fast for a 74 year old!! Other than the near drowning it was a great weekend!!

Redneck Sandcastles!

Today was absolutely perfect!! It was cloudy and cool out so the kids played and played outside all day long!! Boys have great imaginations and can make messes in minutes. They worked so hard on their sandcastles and 5 seconds after I took these pictures they were throwing mud balls at each other and jumping on the tramp!! Life with boys is crazy!!

Spiderman II

Darin took the boys to see Spider-man II at the cannery with it's fancy reclining seats! I'm not sure what Darin liked more the seats or the movie!! I'm thinking the seats because he hasn't stopped talking about them!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Res!!

What do you do when you have a house full of boys and it's hot outside?? You head to the res!! The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave, and of course they had to play in the mud, I don't get it but they sure love the stuff! The kids got really excited when a dog that looked just like Ruger showed up, they begged me to take him home because he didn't have a collar but I assured them he had owners and was well taken care of because he was a big dog!! We named him Tank! I told the kids Ruger was just trying to say hi and wanted to let them know he's watching them and wishes he could be here to play with them!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Game Ball!!

May Day Madness

First I have to mention my Mom & Verl they are truly rock star grandparents they have made it to all the may day dances except for last year because we moved!! This year Dillon braided the may pole and they brought tinickling back!! He did great and I got the honor of braiding the may pole with him I tried to get him to pick his Dad but he gave some sorry excuse about getting sick from walking in a circle!!
Degan did the Mexican Hat Dance which was super cute! but there was a little drama before the big day; apparently there was not going to be enough girls for all the boys to have a partner so boys were going to have to dance with boys and Degan was not happy about that because he's already girl crazy, but a bribe to buy him a few tank tops at target and he was totally OK with it. Than one of the other mom's who just so happened to be the boy Degan was gonna dance with went to the principle and made a stink about boys dancing with boys and how inappropriate it is to force them to dance together. She even called me and told me what she had done. I can see her point and in some ways I agree but at the same time I was like it's just a fun dance and so not worth making a big deal out of!! In the end there were plenty of girls to go around and Degan danced with a girl just not Regan!!
Dustin did the traditional parachute dance!! I think the parachute and braiding the may pole have been around from the beginning, for heaven's sake I did them when I was in school!!
It was a great night and so fun to watch the boys dance!