Thursday, March 31, 2011

Only In Nevada

Can you go swimming at the end of March, cause it's almost 90 degrees outside!! Aren't we Lucky? Not really, but the kids think so!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dillon mastered the rip-stick oh about a month ago! He had a few lessons from Thayne on how to start off and than him and Bailee ran themselves along the fence inside the tennis courts at the park and taught themselves to balance on the crazy thing! He just got brave enough to go down our driveway, so of course I had to blog about it. It's amazing what a little determination and a lot of practice can do!! Good job Buddy!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

T-Ball Opening Day

Degan was so excited to finally get to play his first game! They had been having practice all month long and I still think none of them knew what they were doing! Degan went for every ball that rolled off the T, got told to quit playing in the dirt at least twice, but even with all those distractions he managed to stop a few balls and threw them to first base!! so maybe he did learn something at practice after all!! The best part was his ear to ear smile, I know he had a good time because his grin said it all!!

Happy Happy Birthday Mother Dear!!

My Wonderful Mom celebrated #71 this year and we just happened to be in town so we popped by with some flowers and found Alena and her family there with a cake and multiple packages of candles, that the boys got carried away with and I think she ended up with 76 candles on her cake, but whose counting! Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma We Love You!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

Four years ago we finished the biggest project of our lives and moved into our house in Logandale Hills! Everyone said a good way to see if a marriage will last is to build a house together! Well we survived with very few arguments and rather enjoyed the home building process. Our plan was to get the landscaping done and do some cool finishing touches on the inside and sell it in five years and walk away with LOTS of money and build again!! Fast forward 4 years and the economy tanked and our house isn't worth squat and we couldn't sell it for what we owe, Oh and we don't have any landscaping done yet and slowly but surely we are getting the inside furnished and looking nice, who knew furnishing a house would take so long! Looks like we'll be here for another 4 years! It's a good thing we like it here!!

P.S. Notice how tiny my kids are. I swear Degan grew up so fast and I don't remember him being a baby and I think it all has to do with the house building project, Oh how I miss that baby face!!

Kool Kid!

Yes it's true my Dusty Boy is a kool kid but it wasn't very kool what happened to my little guy the other day.  The morning started off like any other day until Dustin decided to get undressed and with his shirt over his head he either poked himself in the eye with his finger or ran into the foot board of my bed (he says yes to both scenarios) either one, he begins to scream and cry the cry where you know something is wrong. I get a wet cloth and an ice pack, (because my kids believe ice packs make everything better!!) and put it on his eye. He settles down and I figure he's fine until we go outside and the sun hits it and he begins to cry the cry again, that should've been my first clue, but no I settle him down again and turn on cartoons where he watches with his hand covering the hurt eye, second clue, I know bad mommy. He then takes a long nap and I figure that he'll be fine once he wakes up but oh boy was I wrong, the eye was red and watery and he kept whining and saying his eye hurt, poor thing so I FINALLY decide to give my brother Bob "The Eye Doctor"  a call and off we went to Mesquite so he could take a look. We get there and Bob puts some eye drops in and sees that Dustin has scratched his eye and given himself a cornea abrasion and tells me that scratches to the eye are very painful and that his was so bad that instead of taking 1-2 days to heal his would probably take 3-4 days. And off we went with these snazzy glasses and some ointment! The good news is he was back to himself the next day, What a trooper!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Notice the beautiful painting in the back ground, that's what my wonderful hubby got me for our anniversary!! I know I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband and an awesome painting! Thanks for making the past 13 years the best years of my life! I love you honey and look forward to growing old with you!

Story of the painting: Every few years we go to the parade of homes in St. George and when we get to the house with the garage filled with the paintings we look through all the paintings and pick out which ones we like and never leave with one and I always say the next time we come we're gonna pick out a painting.Well this year Darin insisted I pick one out for my present! and of course I couldn't say no after spotting this beautiful thing, I was so happy after all these years to actually be leaving with a painting. I love it!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can't we all just get along??

Apparently my kids have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon than to sit around and fight with each other! so after telling them way to many times that they better get along Darin had a brilliant idea to tie them together! His philosophy is at some point they'll have to work together and they can't be released until they can get along. It didn't take them very long to get the point, they played Lego's and on the computer together and also watched a movie before they were separated! Dad said if the arguing continues he's bringing home the handcuffs from work!! I think they secretly liked being tied together so we'll see how long the lesson lasts!!

P.S Degan isn't mad about being tied together, he's mad I'm taking pictures of them to put on the blog!! I told him he'd laugh about it one day!!

Mop Top

One of these hairdos is not like the other!! Against my better judgement Dillon has been growing his hair out for a while now like his cousin Kord's hair. I ask him every morning if he's ready to cut the "mop top" and every morning he tells me "NO" It's a good thing Dad's on his side or else he'd be sportin a nice clean cut like his brothers!! I guess at some point you have to let your kids grow up a bit and have an opinion on how THEY want to look, even if you don't agree, I'm so not looking forward to the teenage years.

Many Hands!

Make lite work! We've recently started doing Saturday morning chores in an effort to instill some work ethic in our kids. There hasn't been to much complaining and once they get started I think they actually have fun and I'm just glad I don't have to clean their nasty bathroom sinks anymore!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Digital Age

Our world these days are full of gadgets and gizmo's galour! Our kids are entertained by them on a daily basis for hours at a time (yes I am one of those parents) When they get tired of TV and the 100 some odd channels to choose from, they wander around playing their DS's and than on to the laptop or computer for a little YouTube or Netflix! and just when you think they can't possibly come up with anything better than texting, we now have smart phones and yes the smart phone craze has hit the Jones household! You can do it all on this little thing of beauty and now we all want one! Sadly I'm sure 5 years from now we all will, until than we'll keep enjoying dad's new toy!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback Friday

My Degan boy was a Colicky Baby, for the first 2.5 months of his life he would cry and cry from about 8pm to 11pm and after trying many things we found that the only way to sooth him was to sit and bounce on my big exercise ball! Darin & I would take turns hour after hour bouncing him till he fell asleep. I've never been so skinny in my life!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Even the dog is a boy!!

It's true I'm seriously out numbered around here! Our beloved dog Ruger is getting up there in age (91 in dog years) So in an effort to capture the bond between my boys and their dog, I called up my favorite photographer Monica and took her on a hike!