Saturday, October 23, 2010

Calling all Superheroes!!

-Strike A Pose-
The Villain's were nice and left them all some lunch!!
Playing Mr. Freeze Dance!
It was Degan's turn to celebrate his big day and celebrate we did!! Darin put them through a training camp where they learned how to roll, hide, throw and fight like Batman! After completing training camp they learned that the Joker had stolen their graduation stuff but the Riddler left some riddles for them to find their capes & masks!! After all that running around they needed to refuel with some 2 Face PB&J sandwiches, Cat Woman's Claws-Bugles, Penguin party dip-Ranch, Penguin fingernails-Olives, and Poison Ivy Punch!! We than went and played some games and last but not least we ate cake, some Mr. Freeze ice cream and opened presents!! It was Degan's first big Birthday Party and I think it was a success!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Spy Headquarters

Special Agents D & T
Hunter-Karli-Brittnee-Kayla on their way to Italy!!
Filling their bellies at "Indulge Cafe"
The Waiter!!
Trying to solve a clue
Happy Birthday
Enjoying his present from Mom & Dad!
We had a lot of fun planning Dillon's spy party this year, We kept everything a secret from Dillon so he could enjoy his party a long with his friends! We had the 007 music playing as I greeted the kids, then they went and had to "Spy" hidden pictures in the highlights magazine, Special Agent D came and swore them in and notified them that a briefcase had been stolen and they were called here to retrieve it!! They had to solve a picture puzzle that said "Go to the land of Pizza" and they received plane tickets to Italy! They all ran down stairs to the movie room where I greeted them and thanked them for choosing US Air and handed out popcorn and water as they watched "How to train your dragon" on the way to Italy, Once the flight was over there was a clue hidden in the plane for them to go to "Indulge Cafe" and fill their bellies and the waiter was the secret contact and at the end of the meal they were instructed to say "Pizza Pizza Pizza" and the waiter gave them a puzzle with a picture of a cell phone and a number to call a secret contact that told them to go to "Gotham City" for the next clue! Hidden under a bunch of Lego's was a box with a color coded clue that they had to put in order of the rainbow. The rainbow clue led them to the ping pong table where they had to find the ping pong ball with a tool to pick the lock to the bathroom, In the bathroom was a clue written backwards so they had to hold it up to the mirror to read it! Than they had to find a Junie B. Jones book and turn to page 62 for the next clue which was a numbered alphabet that led them back down to the gym to retrieve the stolen briefcase that held all the party favors for the kids!! The last mission was to go enjoy some cake & ice cream for a job well done!! I think they all had a good time especially at the cafe they had a little to much fun bossing the "waitress" around!! and Dillon didn't want the party or the day to end, until next year-Happy Birthday I can't believe I have an eight year old!!

P.S. notice our newly paved driveway, no more muddy mess when it rains YAY!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dillon Ross Jones-8

Eight is one of those milestone years, They are older & wiser, They are still cute and haven't started "The Ackward Years" They have figured out that Mom & Dad aren't as cool as they once thought and kissing them on the lips is strictly forbidden!! They start to develop real friendships that could last the rest of their lives!! It's great to be 8!!
Dillon's Stats at 8
He weighs: 54 lbs
He is 4 ft. 1.5 in. tall
His favorite color is: Black & Red
His favorite food is: Teriyaki Chicken
His favorite TV show is: Phineas & Ferb
His favorite movie is: How to train your dragon
His favorite book is: Old Yeller
His favorite video game is: Wizards 101
His favorite subject in school is: Art
His favorite thing to do is: Watch TV
His Best Friends are: Thayne, Kyra, & Bailee
When he grows up he wants to be a: Corrections Officer!

Degan Robert Jones-5

I think kids are so cute at five, especially when they're all dressed up!! They think they are so big and know how the world works, they have such big imaginations and anything is possible, yet the tiniest thing can still cause a melt down and a kiss from mom or dad can still make an ouwie feel better!!
Degan's Stats at 5
He weighs: 43 lbs.
He is: 3 ft. 7in. tall
His favorite color is: Brown
His favorite food is: Cereal
His favorite TV show is: Good Luck Charlie
His favorite movie is: Batman
His favorite video game is: Lego Batman
His favorite thing to do: Play outside
His Best Friends: Kylen & Canyon
When he grows up he wants to be: A Billionaire so frickin bad!!

*That's How I Roll*

For some reason I think every post should have a picture, it just doesn't feel complete without one!! So since this story is about Dillon here's one of my favorite pics of my boy!! On Oct. 1 Dillon went on a scout camp out with Darin (Darin's a scout leader for the 11 yr. olds) Earlier that day Dillon missed some of his words on his spelling test so Darin was giving him a hard time. Back to the camp out: they were sitting around the campfire and Darin asked Mike (the other scout leader) if his daughter Brittnee (who's in Dillon's class) had gotten a 100% and tells him how disappointed he was cause it was the first time Dillon hadn't gotten a 100% so Mike & Darin looked over at Dillon and he flicks his shirt and says to them "Ya- That's How I Roll"

I've fallen and I can't get up!!

I totally forgot all about this picture until I was downloading some pictures from my camera onto my computer. I'm not sure why he thought it would be a good idea to sit in a bucket, but I think that a lot with Degan!! He is a child that if you tell him "don't touch that it's hot" he'll touch it anyways cause he has to find out for himself!! He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum!! He has never ending energy!! He is aggressive and mean, but is also very loving and compassionate!! He was NOT an easy baby, and was a very active toddler, which has carried over into this phase of childhood!! He has an over active imagination and loves to tell stories and lies!! He can spend hours playing with his G.I. Joe's & Lego's! He loves to sing, as a baby he would hum himself to sleep and even now in the car or when he's playing he hums to himself!! He loves to play with his best friend Kylen and I must say these two are quit a pair, can you say double trouble? in the last month they flooded our courtyard and Ruger's kennel!! He loves to bug and wrestle with his brothers, it's OK for him to be mean to his brothers but if anybody else is mean you better watch out he's there to defend and stand up for them!! He loves to be snuggled and tickled by his mom, I'm apologizing now to his future wife who will have to spend endless hours tickling his back,arms,legs and face!! Degan isn't the mellowest child around but he makes life interesting for sure! I see great things in his future!!