Friday, April 17, 2009

Going Commando

Degan definitely has a mind of his own, and we haven't quit figured out his latest obsession with "Going Commando" He only does it at night time with his PJ's that are shorts. I've tried talking him into wearing under ware but he will have nothing to do with it and gets mad!! I've decided as a mother you have to pick your battles. So Whatever Dude!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Family Tradition!

The Kiddies having fun climbing on the rocks!
Dustin trying to stay warm in Daddy's jacket!
Dustin breaking into an egg he just found!

Going out to the Valley of Fire for Easter has been one of my Family Traditions since I was a little kid! It was cold & rainy this year but we all decide to go ahead and go, and I'm glad we did It was a lot of fun, the kids always enjoy hiking around and we always have good food thanks to Carla!! But the best part of course is the Easter Egg Hunt!! you can only imagine all the places you can hide an egg and we always have a ton, so the kids walk away with way more candy than they need! but I love watching my kids do the same things I used to do cause I remember how excited I would get! this by far is my favorite Family Tradition and I look forward to many more years of hiding eggs at the Valley of Fire!!

Coloring of the Eggs!

Dillon & McKayla Having fun Coloring Eggs!
Degan showing off his silly faced egg!!
Dusty Boy Dyeing his hands Orange!!

Saturday morning before going out to the Valley of Fire we headed over to Aunt Carla's house to color some eggs!! The boys had a lot of fun coloring and putting silly stickers on them! but Dustin was the funniest first he tried to drink the dye & was almost successful cause I was trying to take pictures! than he used his hands to dye his eggs, which resulted in his hands being dyed orange! than to top it all off he started pounding his eggs on the tray, cracking the shell and than tried to eat the egg and got a mouth full of egg shells!! It was very entertaining!!

Fair Time!!

Degan & Sage Popping a Wheelie on the Motorcycles!
Dillon & Coy getting ready to ride the Roller Coaster!
Giddy Up!!
Dillon's Rabbit-He Won a Ribbon!!!

Yes It's that time of year again!! Fair Time!! When I was growing up I loved it when the fair rolled into town, it meant ditching school & riding the rides with boys!! now that I'm getting older I'm excited for the food!! but the kids look forward to riding the rides with friends, this year we decided to go on Thursday thinking it would be less crowded but it was really busy, but the kids still had a good time riding all the rides with the Overson kids!! LeAnn & I had a good laugh watching Darin & Cord pushing strollers around and said 15 years (yes 15 years) & 6 kids later we're still hanging out together at the good old Clark County Fair!! ---Good Times!!