Thursday, August 19, 2010

What the Hail??

Pretty Rainbow right before it hailed!
Boys Will be Boys!!
Cute little Piggies Wallowing in the Mud!
 Caught with their pants down!!!

Is it possible for it to hail in the middle of August in one of the hottest cities around?? you wouldn't think so and if I didn't witness it myself I would've said Hail No!! It was the craziest thing It got super windy for like 5 minutes than pea size hail started smacking against the windows and enough rain feel to fill up the courtyard and make a small river run down the road!! 10 minutes later it was as still as can be and the boys were out splishing and splashing around!! 

No More Diapers!!

Dusty on his way to the bathroom
Peeing on the big potty

After we got back from our last summer vacation I decided to potty train Dustin! He had been ready for awhile, but I held him off so we wouldn't have to deal with it while on the road. It only took him one day to get the peeing part down and only four days and one good spanking to get the pooping down!! Now the only problem is when he needs to go pee he pulls down his pants where ever he's at and walks to the bathroom with his shorts around his ankles!! (Silly kid he could get there a lot faster if he kept them pulled up) Once again I hit a milestone that makes me both happy & sad. No More Diapers!!! YAY! Sniff Sniff!!

On The Road Again!!

Became the theme song for our very last summer vacation!! We were gone for a week and spent almost everyday in the car to get to our many destinations!! It's a good thing our kids travel well!
 July 26th: Left early in the morning and drove to Utah, Played at a really cool park, Darin, Jordan, & Tristan took the boys to the nickle arcades and just hung out with the Spoerri's
 July 27th: Drove to Idaho, got pulled over for our tint being to dark,(and than the rest of the trip every time we saw a police car Darin would roll his window down at 80 MPH it gets a little windy) Got to the Doty's in the early afternoon and than we all headed to Jackson Hole Wyoming to do some camping and site seeing and than quickly decided that to fully enjoy Jackson hole you have to have lots of money to spend to do the cool stuff!!
July 28th: Drove to Afton to see my Dad's grave and ate lunch at the "Red Baron" (Darin thought it was over priced but my Dad would take me there when I was little for milkshakes and hush puppies, so it was fun for me!) Than we drove back to Idaho which by the way was beautiful, I enjoyed looking out my window for that 2 hour drive! and the kids kept spotting these HUGE bird nests on top of the power poles.  Dillon finally was brave enough to do a front flip on the tramp and the kids played in the rain.
July 29th: The kids played outside all morning and smothered poor Rusty (Doty's new dog) Than headed to Leo's Place for lunch! The kids had fun playing all the arcade games, winning tickets and getting prizes!! We than hopped in the car again and headed back to SLC. We found us a Hotel close to downtown  and let the boys go swimming. Darin taught Dillon to do back flips into the water! That night we went and walked the temple grounds and through the Joseph Smith Building.
July 30th: Austin & Kristie's Wedding Day! Darin took the boys swimming again that morning so Dillon could perfect his back flip! Took the boys to see a movie "Despicable Me" and went to get the oil changed where Degan decided that talking and bugging strangers would be a fun thing! He had a fake spider and kept putting it on his shoulder good thing the guys was nice and played along with Degan! (I guess he needs to watch the stranger danger video again) We than headed over to the Spoerri's for a family BBQ in honor of the happy couple! & some cake for Josh's 8th B-day! than the boys swam in the hot tub.
July 31st: Dillon & Josh got up way to early and got kicked off YouTube 6:30 that morning! Than everyone spent the morning setting up for the outdoor reception! In the afternoon a storm started rolling in and by the time the reception started it was sprinkling. Bon & Vern knew the neighbor lady so Degan asked her if him & his friends could go over and play in her yard! We than invaded a Mexican restaurant for some dinner! Went and said our good byes and made the trip back Home! we got home at two the next morning! I was a fun vacation but it's always nice to get home and sleep in your own bed!!