Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!!

Pumpkin Carving 2009!!
Dillon enjoying taking the GUTS out!!
Degan not so much!!
The finished product!!

It just wouldn't be Halloween without a little pumpkin carving!! Dillon really enjoyed himself this year taking the GUTS out of his and Dustin's pumpkins! (Degan had a pumpkin too but he was messing around with it and dropped it and it split in half) He even did most of the carving, Dad had to help with the mouth!! (Dillon's is on the left) Good job buddy it looks awesome!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday!!!

Look Mom a Shark!!
Dustin, Bailee, & Dillon learning all about the fish!
Notice the HUGE fish above Dillon's head-CRAZY!!
Attempting a group picture (not sure what Degan is doing!)
The Shark Reef Gang!!

For Dillon's 7th Birthday he decided he wanted to go to the Shark Reef instead of having a party, so we told him he could bring a friend and of course he choose Bailee!! (Degan and Canyon tagged along because they were both free!!) Dillon was so excited to see a shark, he loves watching the Discovery Channel especially shows about sharks and ocean creatures (maybe he'll be a marine biologist??)anyways we picked them up after school and headed for the big city, it took us a while with traffic to get there but the kids enjoyed looking out the window and seeing a little more than they should have!! But we finally made it and they had lots of fun listening to the little Cell Phones and learning all about the different sea creatures, there was even a little pool where you could touch some sting rays but none of them were brave enough to touch them!! (chickens) After getting suckered into buying everyone a necklace by the Birthday Boy we headed to CiCi's pizza for dinner, which is Dillon's favorite place cause he can help himself to how ever much pizza when ever he wants!! All in all it was lots of fun so Thank You Dillon, what a wonderful idea----HAPPY BIRTHDAY-----

7 years ago!!

Dear Dillon,
7 years ago on October 16th my life changed forever, I became a Mom for the very first time!! I'm going to tell the story of your birth because it's a good one and it should be recorded. First off we were living in Vegas and your due date was Oct. 20th and Dr. Gondy figured you would be right on time or a little late, cause I was not dilated at all at my check up. On Oct. 15th we went out to Overton for the day to visit family, when we got back home later that night I was feeling yucky like something wasn't quit right, I lost my mucus plug and immediately went into labor, after about 45 min. my contractions were regular and very intense so I called the Dr. and was told to go to the Hospital. Dad was being so silly running around getting things together, it was just like the movies!! We had to drive all the way across town to get to the Hospital and only to be given a pain pill and sent home because I wasn't dilated AT ALL!! At Home my contractions got worse and worse they hurt so bad my body would shake every time I had one. At around 6:00am on Oct. 16th we cruised back to the hospital for sure I had dilated at least enough to stay, but NO I still wasn't dilated AT ALL!! (are you kidding me & please don't send me home was what I was thinking) But my cervix was so soft the nurse stretched me to a 4. I was so happy cause that meant I could stay and that you would be coming really soon! The Dr. came and ordered my epidural and we were Happy Campers after that!! (Thank You to who ever invented the epidural!!) Both your Grandma's came to witness your arrival, and with the help of our awesome nurse we had a pretty good team assembled!! After flip flopping from side to side I was finally dilated to a 10 and ready to push, we knew you were face up, but the nurse reassured us that everything would be fine and that the Dr. might be able to flip you around. Well you were stubborn and wouldn't flip and than to make things worse your heart rate began to drop cause you were under to much stress, so Dr. Gondy said I needed to have a C-section, I was so sad, but Grandpa Jones & Daddy gave us a blessing and I knew everything would be OK. They immediately rushed us to the operating room and when we got there the song "Complicated" by Aviral Lavine was playing (how ironic) It didn't take them very long to get you out and when they did they discovered the cord was wrapped around your neck twice, and that I had a big cyst. So even though things didn't go as planned or how I had hoped, Both Daddy & I were glad I had a C-section and that you were safe!! Hands down one of the best days of our lives!! I love you Dillon Ross

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Somethings Missing!!

Dillon with his first missing tooth!
Dillon's letter to the Tooth Fairy:
Hi Ya Tooth Fairy I lost a tooth leave money!

Dillon FINALLY lost his first tooth, Oh about 3 weeks ago! We had been to the dentist about a month earlier for cleanings and the Dr. said he wouldn't be surprised if his permanent teeth popped up behind his baby teeth and sure enough that was exactly what happened! It took a few weeks and many attempts before Darin could convince Dillon to let him tie a piece of floss around his tooth! and all it took was one good yank and it was bye bye tooth!! Dillon was so excited to have the tooth fairy visit, he wrote her a letter and drew a picture of him without his tooth!! and as you can tell he's all about the money, luckily he has a very good fairy, she left him $3.00 and he's such a nice brother he took his brothers out for an ice cream!!!


Degan has really been into how he looks lately! He likes to have his hair spiked up or in a mohawk, He likes to pick out his outfits and is always asking if his clothes match or if he looks good in whatever he's wearing! We went to Vegas last week and Degan had his best outfit on and had his hair spiked up in a mohawk, (I must say he was looking pretty cute) and while we were in the car he asks us if Vegas will think he looks AWETHOME!!
It gets a little annoying when he changes his outfits 4 times a day. I'm seriously thinking about putting a lock on his closet so he can't get to his clothes!! He changes so often there is twice as much laundry for him, because he likes to put his clean clothes he's only worn for a few hours in the dirty clothes or he stuffs them under his bed to hide them from me. The other day he told me I needed to take him shopping for cooler shirts cause all of his were stupid!! Can you tell me who an almost 4 year old needs to get dressed up for??? I don't know but I'm hoping this phase passes fast!!

Look Who's Talking Now!!

It's amazing what a child learns in it's first few years of life and my most favorite thing is when they really start talking, it totally cracks me up!! here are just a few things Dustin's been saying:
I wanna go!(he likes to yell this during sacrament!) Brush teeth! (he loves to brush his teeth and asks to brush them at least twice a day!) Come On! (he says this a lot and pulls on our arms to show us what he wants!) I wanna cracker/cookie (he stands by the cabinet we keep them in and asks over and over till you give him what he wants!) Motorcycle! (he loves the 4-wheelers in the garage but calls them motorcyles) My Turn (he thinks he needs a turn after whatever it is his brothers just got done doing) All Done (when he's done with his drink or eating he tells us he's all done and than throws his plate off his tray!! I guess that's our warning to come get his plate!) I want juice (he calls what ever he's drinking juice the good thing is when we give him water he doesn't care it's not juice) My Shoes (he loves shoes and knows what shoes are his!!) SpongeBob (Every morning after he eats his breakfast he points to the TV and says bunbob)These are just a few of my favorite things he says on a daily bases and is learning new things everyday!!