Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids say the Funniest Things!

The boys and I were out taking Ruger for a walk yesterday and the two older boys were on their bikes, We got a waze away from the house when I noticed Dillon's tires were flat so I mentioned it to him and asked if it was hard to ride? He said: it was alright, but that he thinks he needs a new bike! Me: Ya I think Dad & I are gonna get you one for your birthday! Dillon: OH- well I was thinking about asking Santa to bring me one so that you and dad won't have to buy it for me!! Me: OK but your birthday is sooner and you can ask Santa for something else! Dillon: I'll think about it! HaHaHa! How sweet is that? If he only knew!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Diego 2009

Well it's that time of year again! Time to hit the road to get out of the heat! The kids look forward to the San Diego trip all year long, they love to camp out and hang out with all their cousins! this year the whole fam damily came minus two but 34 out of 36 ain't bad! This year we had lots of fun at the KOA-we rented bikes, spent lots of time at the scariest playground around, swam in the pool, hunted for snails, ate LOTS of junk, and enjoyed each others company! It's not very often we can get everyone together and I was a little worried about keeping 20 kids under control, but to my surprise it really wasn't that bad the kids got along great and had a lot of fun together, in fact I think they all would've stayed longer! We just might have to extend it another day next year!! Can't wait!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What are the Jones Boyz up to?

Dillon & Mrs. Hardy on the last day of school

Dillon has graduated from kindergarten! I can't believe the school year is already over, all the kindergarten kids did a cute program that morning and I found myself tearing up when the principal was talking, I had one of those my baby is getting so big moments! He had such a great year in Mrs. Hardy's class, making new friends and learning new things! Digging for worms on the playground! and Playing Freeze Tag with the Girls! I think he was a little sad the year was over cause the week before he told me he was going to miss his school and even some of the girls and I told him he was going back to the same school next year he would just have a different teacher, and he said he didn't want a new teacher he wanted to go back to Mrs. Hardy's class cause he liked it so much!! We're so proud of Dillon for being such a good student!
Degan showing Dustin how to play a DS!!

OK so I have a couple funny stories about my Degan Boy, #1-He's experiencing a bit of DS RAGE when he plays Super Mario Brothers, he gets upset if he dies or if the Koopa Troopa guy kills him and than he'll pass his DS off to Dillon, Darin or I to pass levels for him but if we die he gets mad at us and yanks the DS out of our hands, it's hard not to laugh at him and now I'm limiting his playing time to see if that helps! #2-Degan was playing with some kids and when he got home he begins telling on himself and tells me he hit a kid and I begin the old that's not nice speech and he says: but mom they were hitting my brother, so than I change and give the if your defending your brother it's OK speech!! I don't condone hitting in anyway but hey I'm glad my boys are watching out for each other! isn't that what big brothers are for?? We love your attitude (sometimes)
Dustin getting into leftover lunch

Dustin-Dustin-Dustin a lot has changed in the last 6mo. He will officially be a year and a half this month, we all know what that means- yay for nursery!! (we'll see if he'll stay) I've always said that every stage has it's plus's and minus's some of the minus's are: his need to climb on the table when anyone is eating and than proseeds to try and eat what ever that person is eating and makes a HUGE mess (yes this happens at least once a week if not more!), his need to pull out all the pots,pans, & tupperware and scatter them all over the house (hair bands aren't the best baby proofing method they eventually break!), He has discovered where the garbage is and checks on it numerous times a day and when it gets full enough and he spots food (Yes he's a garbage picker and eats stuff out of the garbage), He is fascinated with the toilets, I tell the boys over and over to keep those doors shut but somehow one is always left open and you guessed it he's splish splashing around and I can't always guarantee that it's been flushed (OHHHHH) but on the other hand some of the plus's: He loves his brothers and will go in and wake them up if he's the first one awake (Dillon hates it but Degan pops up and happily says: HI Dusty Boy), He likes to race and will stand by the wall at the end of our hallway and say:Ready-Set-GO! and take off as fast as he can! (he's getting ready for the Bundy Reunion!), When we drive around in the car he points out the window and says: what dat mom?, He already loves to watch TV with his brothers! he sits through full episodes of Sid the science kid, Barney & The magic school bus (I know probably not the best thing to be proud of but hey 30 minutes to myself is awesome), He can go up and down the stairs by himself!, and finally it cracks Darin & I up but we can't understand his gibbering but when we tell him to go get his shoes, or get a diaper, or throw something away he does it and knows right where to go!! We love this kid and can't wait for the next stage!!

The Babysitters Club!!

Dustin, Degan & SiSi enjoying a popsicle!

I was lucky enough to get to watch SiSi this school year for Ann while she was working at the pre-school, I watched her on Tuesday & Thursday every week from 9-2. We would go to SiSi's house in the morning and play with all the toys and make big messes in the play room, and than we'd go back to our house around 11 to get Dillon ready for school! SiSi had a hard time at first (she's a mamma's girl) but once we got into a routine she was great, she would follow the boys around, draw with Dillon and get into trouble with Degan, Funny Story: From previous posts you all know Degan's in speech therapy and can be hard to understand, well Degan would say something and SiSi would say exactly what Degan said and the exact same way!! It would totally crack me up!! She loved to take care of Dusty Boy in fact I loved how she said his name and would have her say it many times through out the day!! (she would say it with a southern accent-too cute) by the end of the year she was done and turned into a Granny's girl and would ask me to take her to Granny's house but luckily I could bribe her with food and snacks to keep her happy!! even though those last few months were hard for her it was fun to have her around, it gave me a small glimpse to see what life is like with 4 kids and I think I'm happy with 3!!