Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slam Dunk!

Degan likes to be busy and loved playing basketball! He would practice dribbling everyday in the house & outside! He made a few baskets the whole season, but that didn't matter he was just happy to be running around! This age is a lot of fun to watch they don't understand the game yet so we do more laughing and according to Degan they won every game they played!!
Dillon had a good season and was one of the better players on the team! He scored a few baskets every game but was bummed his team didn't win a game. His games were a little more stressful especially for Darin who turned into the parent who yells at all the players!! Dillon still had fun and that's all that matters!
This is what the other kids did while their brothers played ball!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toothless Grin!!

Darin tried all week to pull Degan's tooth and he wouldn't let him until tonight he decided he was ready for it to come out! So we got the video camera and Dad got one good yank and losened it up even more, only now Degan won't let anyone near his mouth and he ended up pulling his own tooth!!

March 13 Degan lost another tooth!! And yes he pulled it himself again!!

I heart Dax

Having a fourth baby has been a big adjustment for me, I think I was out of the "baby" phase to long and I forgot about all the time you spend sitting on the couch nursing them and just when you think you have a minute for yourself one of the other kids needs something! Now don't get me wrong I love Dax but he is not the easiest baby and requires (demands) a lot of attention, and at the end of the day I feel like a horrible mom who's neglected her other kids and I've failed to keep the house clean and the laundry has piled high. I try to remind myself that it won't last forever, someday soon Dax will be big and won't need me as much and maybe than I can be a better mom and housekeeper until that day comes I'm enjoying having Dax around!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ditch Day

First let me just say that for awhile now Degan has been asking us if he can ditch school. Dax had his first Dr. Appointment yesterday so Darin & I devised a plan to surprise the kids with a ditch day! We got them up a little late and rushed them to get ready and when they thought they had missed the bus, we all piled into the expedition to take them to school and when we drove past the school Degan from the back seat says "Dad you forgot to drop us off!!" and when Darin told them that we going to St. George for a ditch day, they were surprised and had a lot of fun!

The baby Whisperer!!

Dax has decided that he likes his oldest brother Dillon!! As soon as Dillon gets him into his arms he calms down. It has been so nice having an extra pair of hands to help me out and so far Dillon has been a huge help!!