Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

Dillon at his desk!
Dillon all DC'd out for his first day of school!

Dillon survived his first day of first grade! the night before he was a little nervous but excited at the same time (mostly excited to eat in the cafeteria!) and I must say I was feeling the same way, it was a little strange to have him gone all day and I kept feeling like someone was missing and had to remind myself that he was at school and that he was OK!! He picked out his outfit the night before and had it all laid out on his bed so he could get up and get ready, he made his dad pack his lunch and fix him breakfast (he's such a daddy's boy) and than we took him to school, Darin said he walked right in the classroom hung up his backpack and went and sat at his desk and didn't even look back to say bye! I'm sure me taking him to cheek out the classroom and meet Mrs. May the Friday before helped a little. When we got him home and we asked how his day was he said it was AWESOME!! I'm so glad they switched him from Foster's to May's I think it's going to be a great year!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Up to no good

I'm so sweet and innocent!
Look at me mom!
I can turn the light off and on!
Do as I'm Doing!-Dusty copying Degan's Karate moves!!

Lately Dusty Boy has been up to no good, his new favorite thing to do is carry around the boy's bathroom stool all over the house and get into things he's not supposed to be into. At first he used it to get to the toothbrushes and toothpaste, than he started to use it to reach the light switches and loved to watch the lights go off and on, and just the other day he got caught playing with my sentsy candle, (it's a good thing the wax doesn't get hot-but he didn't like having the wax all over his hands and totally freaked out!!) I know the Terrible Twos are just around the corner but he's getting started a little early, and I'm sure it has something to do with the other two munchkins I have running around the house cause he doesn't leave their sides!! Come what may we love you anyway!!

third times the charm!

Dusty pausing for just a minute to say cheese!
Enjoying being sprayed by the water!
Drying off before going home

OK so these pictures are actually from our 4th trip to the splash pad this summer but the third trip was when Dusty decided he liked water!! and of course I didn't have my camera. It's so nice now not to have to listen to him scream bloody murder when ever he takes a bath or a shower! I'm not sure what clicked and he decided that water was OK but I'm sure glad it did and it was so fun to watch him run around like a wild man to each water thing and not care that he was getting sprayed in the face!!

Marshmallow Fun

Dillon with all his creations
A house and an animal!

I saw this idea online one day and took a mental note that this would be right up Dillon's Alley!! and boy was I right he had so much fun making things with marshmallows and toothpicks! I think it kept him occupied for a good hour and than wanted to do it again the next day!! After he was done he asked me if I wanted to take pictures to put on my blog!! It cracks me up that my kids think about stuff like that...LOL Degan would've had some creations to but he was to busy eating the marshmallows!! (he's got a serious sweet tooth)

Sleepovers with Mom & Dad

Dillon & Degan snoozing away!!

This post is simply something I want my boys to remember. Dillon & Degan love to have sleepovers in our room! (Dustin still sleeps in our bed or I'm sure he'd join in on the fun) we have 2 crib mattress' that we keep stored under our bed and every once in awhile we'll pull them out and let the boys crash on our floor!! they love to sleepover in our room and have spent quite a few nights this summer on our floor! In the mornings I sometimes find them in crazy positions but on the morning in the picture I thought they looked so stinking cute I had to snap a pic! The years are zooming by so fast and I know the days are coming when they won't think it's fun to sleep on my floor, so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On The Road Again

We were On the road again to sneak in one last summer vacation before school begins! We started off by visiting family, and than waking up super early to go to the Days of 47 parade in Salt Lake, We got there early and set up our spot and 30 minutes into it Dillon was asking if we could go, and than 1 1/2 hours later we were ready to go, so we left a little early, sorry but a 3 hr. parade is just way to long!! We met up with my sister and did a little shopping and lunch! than we were on our way to stay with the Doty's in Idaho. We had so much fun enjoying the nice weather, playing outside, going for bike rides, picnicking at the park, and the hit of Idaho was Leo's place (a pizza joint with a huge play area) We also made a day trip up to Yellowstone to visit Old Faithful! The trip up there was a lot longer than expected there was traffic jams when we got into the park, but the scenery kept us occupied and happy (well some of us) When we finally made it to our destination Old Faithful was running a little late and the kids weren't to happy about that, but when he finally decided to blow they all thought it was really cool!! than we went on one of the smaller trails so the kids could see some mini geysers up close, Jordan got a little curious and ignored all the warning signs and dipped his fingers into the water, he said it was really hot!! The next day we made the long trek all the way home, We were all ready to sleep in our own beds! It was such a fun trip and we'll have to make it up there again in the next few years cause there's so much to see!! A big Thank You to the Doty's for putting us up and showing us a good time!!

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Dillon grubbin on his ice cream to cool his mouth down!

While we were on vacation we met up with my sister Deanna and her boys Jordan and Tristan for a birthday lunch (mine was on the 25th and I turned 31 and Tristan's was on the 26th and he turned 13) We decided on chinese food (yummy) and one of the meals had those red hot chili peppers in them, so of course Darin & Jordan are daring Tristan to eat one (boys) bribing him with money, and jokingly they tell Dillon & Degan to eat one for a lego toy. After we're done eating Tristan is still working up the courage to eat the pepper and leaves the restaurant with one, they tell him the deals off cause he's taking to long, but somewhere along the way he bites off half and Dillon ate the other half. Dillon turns to Darin with a big grin on his face as he's chewing the pepper and says "Dad I ate the pepper" and than the reality of what he just did sets in, Oh about 5 seconds after he swallowed it he begins hopping around, screaming & crying "It's hot-It's hot" and than threw up the pepper, but that's still not good enough and the poor kid is turning red and breaks out into a sweat, Darin runs to the car to get him some water, Dillon begins chugging the water and immediatly throws that up, chugs some more and throws that up and what ever he ate for lunch, Deanna gives him a piece of gum and tells Jordan to go get him some ice cream, he's still crying because nothing is working (poor kid) and than Jordan came to his rescue with some vanilla ice cream!! and that did the trick!! Darin felt so bad we drove over to Wal-Mart and got him & Degan a little lego toy but Tristan still didn't get any money! Darin asked Dillon if it was worth it? and he said YES (crazy kid) and than asked if he would do it again? and he said NO (smart kid) This was definatly one of those you had to be there stories to appreciate just how funny it was! but I think or at least hope Dillon learned a lesson and won't do it again anytime soon!!

My Boys

OK so I'm admitting it I'm addicted to having my kids pictures done!! but I at least have a good excuse, the church outfits that Degan & Dusty are in are my favorite outfits of all time, they were Dillon & Degan's when they were younger and I never got one single picture of them in them, so I called my good friend Monica to take some pics, before Dustin couldn't fit into his outfit (I was cutting it close you can't tell but his pants are high waters!) Monica always does such a good job capturing there personalities (notice Degan in the first picture) and she won't give up until she gets a few good pictures. So thank you for capturing this sweet and short moment in my kids life for me, I will have these pictures on my walls for many years to come!!