Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let The Good Times Roll

So neither of us alloy our kids to have sleep overs but since we moved away we've made a few exceptions to our rule and Breckan came and stayed a few days with us this summer! We picked him up on Tuesday after the boys were done with school. While he was here we watched movies, went bowling, went swimming at the Y and than over to the Overson's to play on the blow up slide! They were so worn out they slept the whole way to Overton on Thursday!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let the "tooth" be told

So Degan had a snaggel tooth that was crazy loose, but he wouldn't let us near it. We tried to bribe him with money, candy, toys, EVERYTHING a little boy could possibly want but nothing worked and he would FREAK out anytime we got near him to try & pull it! Darin was tired of looking at the thing so he sent him to his room & told him he couldn't come out till he pulled his tooth out. Fast-forward 6 hours Degan had sat in his room all afternoon without pulling the stupid thing so Darin chased him around the house and Degan yells "I'm gonna say it Dad, I'm gonna say it-I HATE YOU!" In the end Darin some how convinced him to tie a piece of dental floss around it and on the count of 2 not 3 Darin yanked it out and sent it flying into the shower!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

18 months

7-7-13 Dax is officially 18 months and can go to nursery!! not sure why I'm excited about this mile stone because my kids NEVER stay with out me and he wasn't any different than the others! Today I was reminded that I'm not a big fan of nursery, but they have to learn to share somewhere right and nursery is the best place to learn that or how to defend yourself!!

Stars & Stripes

We had a fun 4th in St. George with the Hillstead Clan! We woke up super early to go to the parade and got a bunch of candy we didn't need! Had a little party for Adri & a yummy BBQ at Gma & Gpa Smith's! Got rained on later that night at the park while we were waiting for the fireworks to start than back to Gma's for more fireworks! So grateful to live in America cause even though we're not great right now it's still better than a lot of other countries!!
Laicey pretty much had my camera the whole time I was there! Here are a few of the good ones she got, I had to erase a ton but LOVED these ones! I'm thinking I need to hand my camera over to kids more often it's fun to see what they shoot!
So on our way home from the fireworks Bryan & Cindy's car started to over heat - Not a good thing because they are leaving in the morning to make the long trip home! Darin took a look and determined that the radiator needed to be replaced so they got to work tearing the front end of the car apart to get it out. We were up until 2:00am taking the thing out and than had to call around in the morning to find a new one to put back in!! Darin had them on the road back to Texas by the afternoon!! It's a good thing it happened while Darin was around he's a pretty handy guy!!
7-4-13's our family trait!


Mt. Charleston


Kooky Cousins


Cali Dreamin!


Fear the Wildcats

Coach Jason - Caleb - Gavin - Jerrick - Mikey -? - Kyann - Coach Jeremy
Austin - Elijah - Dillon - ?

Dillon's first season in Vegas was GREAT! even if his team didn't win one game I still think he learned a lot! In Vegas it is way more structured, the kids actually have a position they have to play instead of running around hoping you get the ball!! Dillon was one of the point guards & did pretty good, at least by the end of the season he was taking shots instead of passing it! Can't wait for the fall season!

He's Free!!

FINALLY!! Degan is Free!! It has been a long 6 weeks!! I'm not exaggerating when I say that Degan being in a cast was hard on the whole family. He didn't know what to do with himself so he became a BIG pest! but thank goodness he got the stinky thing off before summer and he is looking forward to going swimming!!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

The time has come for Dax to sport the bowl cut! I always dread the first haircut and I hold off as long as possible.(usually when people start calling my boys girls!) Dax's hair texture is so different from the other boys and the bowl cut wouldn't be my first choice for him but it's kind of a tradition so he's stuck with it until he turns two & gets his pictures done!!

No More School

YAY for the last day of school & a lazy summer schedule!

Summer Time

It's officially hot enough to play in the water and Dustin couldn't be happier!!

Dax & the Kindle

Monkey Baby
fat baby in a little carseat

Dax is at a super fun & a not so fun stage all at the same time!! He gets into EVERYTHING and makes big messes. He climbs on EVERYTHING and gives his mom heart palpitations on a daily basis! He thinks the kindle is his and he loves to watch Little Tikes Land & Justin Time on Netflix. This little boy definitely rules the roost and even though he can't talk yet he finds a way to get exactly what he wants!! Love my Crazy Boy!