Sunday, April 28, 2013

HiHoHiHo It's off to School we go!

Degan has been wanting to ride his bike to school since we moved here but with a paranoid mom that was NEVER going to happen until Dad offered to ride to school with them!!

Take Your Kid to Work Day!

Today was "Take your kid to work day" Dillon wanted to go to work with his Dad but since the jail is no place for a 10 year old kid Dillon stayed home with me and I put him to work cleaning, doing laundry, watching Dax, & fixing his Dad's breakfast!! It was a good day for me but he thought he was my slave!!

Springs Preserve

Dusty's preschool class got in free to the springs preserve, so we took full advantage and picked the boys up early from school and went and played!!

Dusty Boy

This little guy has been having some issues. He complains that his tummy hurts quit often & he poops likes crazy! We noticed that he might be having some problems with dairy so we tried our best to keep him away from the things he loves like string cheese, yogurts, & ice cream but it's hard to tell him NO when his brothers are eating all these things in front of him. Right after we moved to Vegas we ate at Costco and he of course wanted pizza, we tried to convince his to get something else but he wouldn't have it so we decided to let him try & the poor kid a few hours after eating it was miserable, his belly was crazy bloated & he was crying because it hurt so bad. So after "The Pizza" incident we decided he needed to go see a gastro Dr. to figure out what is going on! The Dr. of course ordered blood work to be done to do a plethora of tests, and my little guy did amazing, he sat on my lap and didn't freak out when the needle was brought out in fact he didn't make a peep! I took him to target to pick out a toy for being so awesome!!

Fast Forward 4 weeks, got the test results back and he's fine!! So we basically paid $250 bucks to find out what we already knew, that he's lactose! but whatever, so happy it's not something serious :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sister Hillstead

Another one of my cute niece's is heading out into the mission field! She gets to go to Argentina and spread the word! I'm sure this mission will be an eye opening experience for a girl from St. George but I have no doubt that Holly will do amazing!
 FYI: We stayed at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's and taught Dax how to go down the stairs so now we don't have to worry about him taking a tumble down them! The Spoerri's came down for the farewell & Dax would only go to the boys! Saundra & Danielle kept trying to hold him but he wouldn't have anything to do with them, he especially LOVED Austin and would get super jealous when he'd hold Brax!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gravitron & Amoxicillin

It's Fair Time!! It was a little weird not being in the valley to watch it all unfold, but on the positive side we didn't have to listen to our kids whine about wanting to go to the fair everyday! We decided to go out on Friday and even though the two younger boys both had ear infections, we didn't let that stop us, we simply packed up the amoxicillin in a "Pack-It" frozen lunch bag to keep it cool and off we went!
Dillon & Thayne ran wild at the fair this year! (notice my lack of pictures of Dillon) Darin gave them $20 and they quickly ran off to ride the rides! The Zipper was the favorite ride for them and 5 back spins was the most they ever got! Thayne wasn't the best riding buddy cause he gets sick on the round-up & gravitron so they basically rotated between the farriswheel & the zipper!!
Dax was a trooper! we stopped at Costco and bought a wagon (best investment ever) before we left! It was nice to be able to lay him down when he went to sleep and it was way easier to pull the wagon through the gravel than try and push a stroller, I'm not sure why we didn't get a wagon sooner it made the fair a little nicer, all we need is a canopy for shade!!
This year was a little tricky, Degan was ready to go on some of the bigger rides and Dusty was not so poor Dustin did a lot of waiting around for Degan to get off his rides. Dustin's favorite ride was the Sea Dragon! he would get off and jump right back on and have the same cheesy smile every time! another highlight for Dusty was his wooden sword with his name written in Chinese! Even though poor Dusty wasn't at 100% he still had a good time!
As soon as we got to the fair Degan ran into some of his friends and he was good to go! After he convinced Breckan that the Gravitron wasn't scary they were hooked and ended up riding it 12 times!! We some how got left in charge of Cannon & Breckan so they hung out with us for about 4 hours and Darin was nice enough to buy them all wooden swords with strict instructions to not hit their bros or sis's with them!! but when they started saying they were hungry we went and found their parents! As always we had a great time and can't wait til next year!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sleepy Heads!

My Dad used to always say how sweet we were when we fell asleep, cause you can't get into trouble when your sound asleep! Dillon & Degan fell asleep on our way home from playing with friends in Overton! Degan doesn't like to sleep by himself so Dustin is his bed buddy and I found them face to face one morning! and cute little Dax sleeps with Daddy all the time or if mom's busy packing to go to SLC he puts himself to bed on the floor!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Round 2

My kids were lucky enough to get a 2nd Spring Break!! Not really but that's what we called it cause they missed 3 days of school the week after their actual Spring Break to go to Utah for Jordan's wedding! We made our usual visits to the red barn and the nickel arcades and this year we made an extra stop at Cabella's to see if Darin could find some ammo (no luck though) and the boys were in awe of all the stuffed animals and took like 100 pictures! (I think I might have some hunters on my hands)
Congratulations to Jordan & Danielle!

Funny Story: Degan had this ridicoulisly loose tooth that he wouldn't let us touch and he was showing his Aunt Andy how loose his tooth was and she quickly reached in and pulled it out before he could even do anything!! after it was over he looked at his Dad and said "that was tricky!"

Monday, April 1, 2013

Got Ya!!

For April Fools this year we decided we wanted to pull some pranks on the kids! So when Darin got home from work we toilet papered their room and dyed the milk blue which freaked Dustin out and Darin had to MAKE him eat his cereal! HaHa! so funny :)