Monday, May 17, 2010


Enjoying a nice spring day out at the Res. Degan having a good old time in the water!
Degan & Caleb trying to spot the canoe!
Dillon thinking the water is a little cold!
Bo bought this canoe a while ago at a yard sale and has been wanting to try it out, so last weekend we tracked down an extra paddle and headed out to the Res. The boys had a lot of fun playing in the water and riding in the canoe across the Res. They can't wait to go out again!!

I Like To Move It Move It!

Mrs. May's 1st Grade Class!
Karli, Taylor, Victoria, Dillon, Brittnee, Madi,& Kyra

The May Day Dances were on the 30th of April this year and Dillon got to do "I like to move it move it" the Madagascar song! He's got rhythm (he must have got that from his Papa Jones!) He did really good as long as he focused on the dance and not on his dad!! Good Job Bud We enjoyed watching you Move It Move It!!

Another Sign He's Getting Older!

Here's yet another sign that my baby is getting older, It was time to cut off the cute bowl cut. All my boys have had the bowl cut until they turned 2, I extended Dustin's until he was 2 1/2 trying to keep him little just a little longer!! It took a few days to get used to seeing him without any hair but he looks cute either way!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mom's Big Boy!

OK I'll admit it I'm one of those crazy mom's that sleeps with their babies. We bought a really nice crib when Dillon was a baby and never used it, yes you heard me right never ever used it with any of the boys!! They all slept in our bed until the next one came a long to take his place! Darin had been bugging me for awhile to move Dustin in with Degan (He's tired of getting kicked in the head) I just didn't want to, part of me was sad that he was big enough to move out of my bed and I didn't really see the point cause there wasn't another one coming to take his place. But after a lot of begging and Dustin actually wanting to sleep with his brothers I gave in. The first week was hard for me and I was happy that he would wake up in the middle of the night and come climb into bed with me! But now that it's been a few months It's kinda nice to not have kids in my bed, I sleep so much better now!! It's both sad and exciting to move out of the baby stage and into the toddler stage but no matter what stage my boys are in I enjoy a good snuggle now and than, especially when they all wake up in the morning and come fill up my bed!!

Good Night - Sleep Tight

Darin & I were in the other room on the computer and when we went into the living room this is what we found!! Doesn't Dustin look so sweet and cute curled up on his big brothers shoulder?? Pure sweetness!!

A Day at Zion!!

Dillon feeling the wind blow through his hair as we drive through the tunnel!!The boys on the bus flashing the "Rock On" sign!
Daddy & Dusty on our way to weeping rock!
Weeping Rock - So Pretty
Dillon & Degan racing up the trail!
Dusty & Daddy taking their time!
Family Photo!
Dustin enjoying a cool treat!!
It was national park week back in April, so we took full advantage of a free day at Zion!! Darin & I haven't been out there for years and forgot how long of a drive it is to get there so by the time we got there the boys were SOOOO ready to get out of the car! We first stopped by a cool deli to get us some lunch and spent a small fortune on some sandwiches! Then we made our way up the wineding road to go through the tunnel, the boys thought it was cool to yell out the window and hear their voices echo! We had to hunt around for someplace to eat and quickly found a big tree to enjoy our yummy sandwiches. Than we were off to go catch the bus to take us to weeping rock, the boys were super excited to go hiking and see the rock weep, and as soon as we got their the boys took off racing up the trail and it didn't take them very long to get to the top! On our way back to the car we stopped by the lodge and enjoyed an ice cream, a perfect ending to a perfect day!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Fair Time!!

Yes It's that time of year again when the venders roll in with their yummy food! and the Carnies show up with all the fun rides that the kids love and the parents hate!! The kids seemed extra excited for the fair this year and had lots of fun the one day we went!! We could tell Dillon had grown up from last year because he thought the "baby" rides were boring and went on a lot of the bigger rides! Degan Flyin High!! This was his favorite ride!!
Dillon Climbing the Rope! He thought he was cool cause he reached the top!
The roller coaster was a hit! they loved riding in the front car!
Rock On!! Dillon's favorite ride!
Dillon on the Super Loop!! Ok most kids his age won't dare go on it and the kids in his class didn't believe him when he told them!! but he thought it looked fun, but quickly changed his mind while on the ride and when he got off Darin said his eyes were really big and said "I'm not doing that again!"