Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cast #2

Degan forgot he had a cast on and dunked his arm in the bathtub! All his brothers were in the bathtub and he was feeling left out so I said he could put his feet in, next thing I know he's sitting in the tub, and than yup you guessed it down it went into the water! It actually worked out good cause the purple cast was so stinky & he was going to Breckan's party so his Logandale friends got to sign his red cast! The bad part was Dr. Stewart decided to keep the cast on for an extra week!

P.S Degan doesn't think having a cast is cool!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Grandma Waters HATES having her picture taken, she freaks out whenever a camera is pulled out so I told the the boys to just go stand behind the chair she was sitting in and whala a picture with grandma!! I don't even care that minnie mouse is in the picture, I'll take what I can get!

Kindergarten Bound

It's official Dustin is no longer a preschooler he graduated and will be off to kindergarten this next school year! I'm a little sad and worried for him but excited and happy all at the same time. Dustin has always been shy so preschool at the Y was a good socializing experience for him, I'm not sure how much he learned cause he still gets mixed up singing his ABC's but he had fun and that's good enough for me!!

Recycled Percussion

There was a smokin deal for tickets to Recycle Percussion on Groupon so I snagged em up cause I knew the kids would enjoy it! Canyon & Degan were a hit with their light up shirts, everyone was pointing and commenting how cool they were! I think Dillon found his calling in life, he was totally drumming on his pot the whole time! It was crazy loud but the kids had fun & we had the cutest dates there! I <3 groupon="">



0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds!!


Mother's Day & Shooting Camp


At Kitty Ward they have a program called sight word soldier where they earn dog tags for 200 words they pass off and when they make it to 1000 they get recognized at the morning opening. My little smarty pants made it to 1000 and is now working on sight word soldier phrases!! SO PROUD OF HIM ;)

Joy Ride!


Kindred Spirits

The terrible twos have come a little early for Daxton so when he decides to throw a fit we stick him in his playpen for a timeout! Well this kid is so stubborn that he'll sit in there and throw an even bigger fit and eventually Degan will feel bad and go in and hang out with him! He always cheers him up and gets him to stop crying! I have a feeling Dax is going to be a lot like Degan!


The boys are really missing their bat cave from the old house, now if they want to play with their hundreds of legos they have to do it in the garage!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The season begins-

How cool is it both boys got the #11! Well I thought I was going to be busy running two boys to basketball games but Degan broke his hand two days before his first game and the refs wouldn't let him play with out the Dr. releasing him (he was super bummed) We knew the Dr. wouldn't let him play cause he told Degan he needed to treat his hand like glass cause even with a cast on he could still hurt it and make it worse, so we didn't even ask and got a $100 refund. I'm excited to watch Dillon play and really learn how to play the game! It should be a fun season!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sticks & Stones....

Degan's first broken bone wasn't caused by sticks or stones but by his scooter in our driveway, He went down the drive way and hit a rut and his wheel turned and threw him off and he landed on his left hand. He ran into the house screaming a scream we've never heard before so we knew something was wrong so we iced it and wrapped it and put him to bed (why do accidents happen at night when everything's closed?) The next day it was still bothering him but we sent him to school hoping it would be OK, but when he got home he was complaining and it was still really swollen so we took him to a quick care and got an x-ray, and wouldn't you know it he broke his hand! So the next day he went to the orthopedic Dr. and picked out a super cool purple cast!! He's actually excited about having a cast but we'll see how long that lasts!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Dax made Degan pull him around in our suitcase for a good 30 minutes!!
Somebody found his nostrils and won't keep his fingers out of them!
Cutest mess maker!
Loves swimming at the Y
Instagram is the new it thing right now, and I must say I'm liking it better than facebook! We even let Dillon have an account!