Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Duck Creek

Jim, Casey, Darin & Dillon Cruisin
All geared up in our ponchos!
Faster Daddy Faster!!
Dustin & Degan enjoying the ride!
Dusty in his goggles-Too Cute!
A couple of Bucks we saw while cruisin around!

On Saturday we made a day trip up to Duck Creek with Jim, Carla & Casey to do some 4-wheeling and go to a chili cook off they were having up there. The day started all nice and sunny and warm and than the clouds came rolling in and poured down on us for a good 20 minutes, so the boys got to do a little mud bogging, which they LOVED!! they we're begging Carla to go through every puddle that was on the trail!! and somehow Dustin & Degan fell asleep in the middle of the thunderstorm,(so that's proof that my kids can sleep through anything!!) I wasn't to sure how Dustin would do on the Ranger all day but he was a trooper and loved every minute of it! he even liked wearing the goggles!! It was so pretty and a lot of fun even though we all got soaked. I can't wait to do it again, just minus the rain!!

Summer Catch Up

Degan & Gage waiting for the buckets of water to drop!
Maicey & Dillon riding the horses
swimming at Ty & Torrey pool!
Best Buddies SiSi & dusty Boy!
Degan being goofy sitting in the bucket to wash off feet
My brother Bryan & his wife Cindy just had their 6th little girl (yes you read it right!) on July 5th! AdriAnn Hillstead 8lbs 5oz-So Cute!
Ashlynn, Aliee, & Dillon swimming at Grandma Smith's
Degan, Lacy, & Aliee making a big mess at Gma Smith's

WOW what a fun summer we've been having trying to keep the kiddies busy, they've had lots of fun playing with all their cousin's, swimming when ever they get the chance, going to the splash pad, watching lots of movies (it's way to hot to be outside) and just being lazy!!