Monday, August 26, 2013

My Teacher has Class

8-26-13 Dillon with Mrs. Richards! Degan with Mrs. Polson! Dustin with Mrs. Moralis! The first day of school is always a little stressful for me. I know my kids are nervous so that makes me nervous! This year was even more nerve racking being at a new school. I heard that all the kids got good teachers but you still never know! I also know my kids are excited so that makes me excited and it's nice to get back into a routine and have a little more "me" time! I'm also excited about getting asked to do a carpool with a few ladies in the ward! It'll be nice not having to make 3 trips a day down to the school! I know the kids will do great I've been so impressed with Kitty Ward so far! I hate to say it but it's way better than Bowler! Let the fun begin!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

swinging in the rain

8-25-13 Rain is rare so when it rolls into town we go outside and play!!  This is Daxton's first rainstorm and he loved running around the backyard with the boys!! YAY! for rain we need every drop!!

back to school dinner

8-24-13 This year all three boys will be in Elementary school together!! This is the only time this will ever happen!! The word on the street is all my kids got good teachers so I'm excited about that, it's hard moving and not knowing anything about any of the teachers! I saw these cute crafty things on pinterest and planned a special dinner for the boys the night before the first day of school! Everyone is both nervous and excited for the new school year! I'm excited too just not looking forward to the whole drop the kids off in the morning, than drop Dusty off in the afternoon and than picking them up!! It's a good thing we live close by that's a lot of trips to the school!

Endless Summer

We had a great summer in fact I think this has been the best summer we've ever had!! Who knew that living in the city could be so much fun? How cool is it to be so close to so much stuff!!

Condo redue

8-18-13/8-22-13 Our condo in Idaho has been vacant for a few months and we've been meaning to get up there to give the place a facelift! Darin decided this was a perfect opportunity to get up there and do some work so he jumped on a plane with Dillon and off they went!! I'm not sure Jordan & Alisha knew what they were getting themselves into they helped Darin out with the condo & kept Dillon entertained the whole time!! Darin accomplished a lot in the four days he was there the place looked much better without all the crazy wallpaper!! Now hopefully somebody will want to live in it!!

Saturday Chores

8-17-13 We finally have a backyard with some grass so guess who gets to mow it & is happy about it?? Dillon is such a good kid, he rarely complains and pretty much does whatever he's asked to do. Love him more than words can express!!


8-15-13 This years get together was Tiff's turn to plan but with everything that's going on in her life we traded and I planned her Spa getaway!! LeAnn found us a groupon for a spa out in Lake Las Vegas and one of the hotels was running a good special and things just feel together!! until a few days before Kristy got strep throat and couldn't join in the fun (bummer) We walked around and Shay took tons of pictures, we laughed, we cried, and stayed up way past our bedtime!! Just like High School we still know how to have a good time!! Love these girls and I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends!

P.S. Genna is pregnant but doesn't know it yet!!

turning 35

8-12-13 Jody, LeAnn, Jenean, & I went to the melting pot to celebrate mine & Jenean's Birthday's!! It's a really cool place and the food is super yummy I want to take Darin there or make him take me again!!
I've never had any problem with aging until this birthday I kept thinking "Crap I'm half way to 40" and we all know once you hit 40 you're on top of the hill and it's all down hill from there!! HaHa!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Land of the Learning

Yes that is the amazing Mrs. Parker in the picture and Yes we drove our kids out to Overton from Vegas every Tuesday & Thursday for summer school! I know I'm crazy but it was totally worth it and I would do it again! I feel like they are all a little more prepared for the next school year thanks to her!!