Sunday, March 21, 2010

12 Years and Counting!

So this year for our anniversary we decided to do something we've never done before!! and that was to eat Sushi!! (crazy I know) After watching "The Green Zone" we headed over to Samurai 21 for our Sushi dinner, I decided to play it safe with some terriyaki chicken and Darin got a big platter of sushi for us to share and all I'll say is it was the first and last time we will be eating sushi!! Thank You Honey for the great evening out and for putting up with me for the past 12 (15) years I LOVE YOU!!

Jones Boys!

I love it when I catch my boys being nice to each other, Here they are all sharing my pillow and watching morning cartoons!! Pure Sweetness!! I love these boys more than words can say!!

Activity Days!

Avery, Andrea, Holly, Hannah, Carlie, & Summer
I've been in Activity Days for over two years now and the funny thing is I've been with the same girls the whole time, each time they move up they move me up soon after!! This is a good group of girls and I've had a lot of fun getting to know the girls and doing fun things with them, I just hope they learned something!!

St. Patty's Day

Making Leprechaun Traps

Setting the Leprechaun Traps

I do not like green eggs & ham

I will eat them anywhere!!
This St. Patty's Day the boys wanted to try and catch a Leprechaun so they made some traps with shoe boxes and put some green jello out to try and lure him to our house! Before they went to bed they kept hearing things and checked on their boxes at least 5 times and each time they were disappointed to not find the little green guy!! In the morning they discovered he had been to our house and left the empty bowls of jello scattered in the yard and toys in their boxes!! Dillon is already planning ways to catch one next year! Good Luck those little guys are tricky!!

Copy Cat!!

Dusty loves to Copy Cat whatever his brothers are doing, This can be both a good and a bad thing!! Here Dillon is doing his homework and Dustin is scribbling away!! Dustin is very lucky to have two older brothers to grow up with, I hope they will always be best buddies!!


At the end of February something went wrong with our garbage disposal so my wonderful Handyman (Darin) fixed it!! Dusty was very intrigued by what Darin was doing and now he goes under our sink with his hammer and screwdriver and bangs on the pipes, the doors, and the disposal!! When he's all done he'll come and get me and show me all the hard work he's been doing!! I have the cutest Handymen in town!!

A HikIng We Will Go!!

We have a big hill behind our house and the boys have been wanting to climb it! so when the weather was nice enough we packed up a few backpacks with water and snacks and off we went!! The boys found some cool rocks and enjoyed playing in the sand! We spent a few hours out enjoying the nice weather and now they want to hike to Gma & Gpa Waters!!


Degan was left unsupervised Oh for maybe ten minutes, and he went and got a full sheet of Tattoos and stuck them on his belly! The funny thing is he did a good job of wetting it down and all of the tattoos were on there perfect!! Thumbs Up Dude!!

Like Mike!!

Dillon had a lot of fun playing Basketball this year! and looked good doing it too! His Dad bought him a pair of Air Jordan's which Dillon was super excited about cause you know they make you run faster and jump higher!! The games were pretty funny to watch, there was a lot of traveling and fouling going on!! and after one of the games Darin was drilling Dillon and asked him: OK Dillon what do you do when you get the ball? and Dillon says: Well I'm going to pass it to Cameron because he is the best player on our team!! Darin & I laughed so hard cause that is pretty much how he was playing! Darin wanted him to shoot the ball and make a basket so bad that on the last game Darin bribed him with a trip to Wally's and it totally worked!! He shot the ball and scored two baskets!! and something that surprised me was during the last few games he started getting a little vocal and would yell his team mates names and wave his arms around for them to pass him the ball!! I know Dillon really enjoyed himself and we were even wishing it would go a little longer because that last game it actually looked like a B-Ball game!!

A Little Dirt Don't Hurt!!

Daddy & Dillon Working Hard!

Degan Poseing for a Pic!

Dustin getting in on the action!

So Cute!
In the month of February we had A LOT of rain, So Darin decided that it was time to dig out our court yard since the ground was nice and wet and soft!! So him and the boys worked hard for a few weeks in between the rainstorms and got it all dug out and ready for some pavers, that will hopefully get done this fall!!

All I Want For Christmas....

Is My Two Front Teeth! Well hopefully he has his front teeth by Christmas seeing how it's february and that gives him 10 months!! He was surprisingly calm this time He walked in and said to me that he thought it was time to pull out his tooth!! With Dad on his way to work, he got me a piece of toilet paper and with two pulls it was out!! Now only if the rest will be that easy!! I love this goofey stage of loosing teeth I think they look so cute with gummy smiles!! but on the other hand they are growing up way to fast!