Thursday, September 9, 2010


Degan ready for his first day of preschool
Headed out the door!
Walking to Miss Kim's

Degan was super excited to go to preschool!! He doesn't go until 12:30 so he was asking me ALL morning if it was time for him to go, I think he was afraid it would start without him!!  When it was finally time to go he happily headed out the door and made the long trek to the Bunker's house across the street!! How lucky are we to have preschool across the street!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Batcave!!

Gotham City and the Batcave
Batman to the rescue!!

Degan has been obsessed with Batman lately! He wants a Batman birthday party and wants to dress like him for halloween, so we decided to turn the cubby under our stairs into a batcave! Darin painted the city, we found the big batman sticker on amazon and got some stone looking tissue paper and wallpapered the back to look like a cave. The boys love it and are having lots of fun playing down there!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Hunting we will Go

Darin's very first Antelope
Notice the nice bullet hole

It took Darin 7 years to get his Antelope tag, so there was no talking him out of going on this hunt (believe me I tried) Him and Jeremy left early Thursday morning and drove to Ely, picked up another guy and than cruised over to his area to hunt. They soon discovered that all the antelope were on the farmers land grazing so they knocked on a few doors and asked if they could hunt on their property the first two said no, but third times the charm and this old guy named Todd took a liking to Darin and let him hunt on his property! Darin & Todd hopped in his truck and he takes him to where he saw some earlier, Darin takes a few shots and missed, so he drops Darin off by a water pump that's loud and hidden and tells him to hide there, he's gonna go back up and chase them down his way and to stick his barrel up one of the antelopes ass and shoot!! It went just as planned, they ran right past Darin and stopped about 75 yards away,  The antelope started to move on him again so Darin knew this would be his last chance. He took a shot and  ended up hitting the antelope in the head and it dropped instantly to the ground!! Todd told them after they gutted it to bring it up to the barn. They get it to the barn and Todd has a nice set up and helps Darin skin it and cut up the meat. They of course BS the whole time and Todd says he's not sure why he let Darin hunt on his property, he never lets anyone hunt on his property!! I'm glad he did cause the hunt was so fast they headed home that evening, the funny thing is he spent all day Wednesday packing up getting things ready and they didn't need any of it!! Oh well all that matters is he got something right?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back 2 School

First day of second grade!
Mrs. Shumway's class!

I swear I blinked and summer was over, where does the time go? I know Dillon was secretly excited to start the 2nd grade even if he kept saying NO everytime we asked him!! He was a little nervous that morning and he made me stay and walk him to his classroom, but that's OK with me I like that in someways I'm still needed. I've heard good things about Mrs. Shumway and think it's going to be a fun year!!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Let's Bowl!!
Go Daddy It's your Birthday!!
-Go Degan-

Darin turned "33" this year on the 28th of Aug. The first thing he said was "I think it's a good year for a mid life crisis I'm gonna buy me a motorcycle or a sports car!!" and than "I'm getting so old" The boys decided they wanted to take him out for lunch and bowling, so we headed into vegas and ate at the Cheese Cake Factory and than met the Overson's at the Santa Fe for some bowling, It was like our double dates in high school but we've added 7 little cuties and we're just a little older and wiser!!  Happy Birthday Honey/Daddy-We LOVE You!!

Locked & Loaded

Dad giving Dillon some pointers!
Dillon shooting his cricket by himself
Degan's Turn
Don't forget about Dusty Boy!

Darin got an antelope tag this year so he needed to go sight in his gun, so one evening we headed out to the shooting range in the wash and let the boys shoot a few bullets, even though none of them hit the targets they still had fun!! and I'm looking forward to all the father son hunting trips in the future!!