Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christams!

Dillon's countdown!!

Dillon On the Coolest bike ever!!

Degan loving his 4-Wheeler!

Dustin You're under arrest!

As you can tell Santa was very good to the kids this year!! They were so happy to see that Santa had brought them almost everything on their lists!! Dustin was the first one out of the room and ran straight for the 4-wheeler and sat there for a good portion of the morning! Dillon thought his bike was the Coolest bike ever!! only because his favorite colors are black and red! Degan got a bike to, but was more excited about the 4-wheeler and cruised it up to Summer & Carli's house to show the girls his new ride!! Dustin's favorite gift didn't come from Santa but from his brother's who got him his own little tool box with some fake tools, He toted that thing around all day!! We had a fun Christmas hanging out at home and playing with all our new toys! Thank You Santa!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

WARNING I'm a 2 Year Old!!

The Birthday Boy!!

Granny & Papa gave him a 4-Wheeler!

After opening his motorcycle he didn't want anything to do
with the other presents so his brothers opened them for him!

What's Up!! figuring out Gator Golf

Enjoying his cake!!

I can't believe my baby boy is two years old, I swear he should only be turning one!! Somethings I've grown to love about you these last two years are: Your Laugh, you have the best laugh and I can't help but laugh when you laugh!! Your Kisses, It is so stinking cute when you pucker up to give us kisses cause you puff up your cheeks at the same time!! I love that you're not very friendly but when it's time to go you will give whoever is in the room a hug and a kiss!! I love that you want to be just like your brothers, even at two you do pretty good keeping up with them!! I love how snugly you are, when you wake up in the mornings you look for me and always snuggle for a few minutes!! Daddy loves that you are turning into a Daddy's boy and likes to go on 4-wheeler rides with him!! Happy Birthday Buddy We Love You!!

2 Years Ago

Two Years ago on the 21st I became a mom for the third time!! I always said I would never have a baby in December, but you were a bit of a surprise!! Planned yes but I've never gotten pregnant the first month we started trying so you were a bit of a surprise!! When the time got closer to set a date for your arrival I hatched a plan to have you on the 21st, Dr Lunt wasn't to crazy about the idea because you weren't due until the 4th of January and 2 weeks early was way to early according to the Dr., so I gave him a sob story about living far away and NOT wanting to go into labor again. (I just don't think it's fair to have to do both) I also knew that your Aunt Angie would be working that weekend so we thought it would be cool for her to take care of us!! I somehow got Dr. Lunt on board with my plan!! but only if he thought you were big enough. As the date got closer he said you would be fine to be born at 38 wks. so the office scheduled me for a C-section on the 21st at 7 a.m (6 a.m NV time) and said the hospital would contact me the day before with all the details. So on the afternoon of the 20th we left Dillon & Degan with Granny & Papa and Dad and I went on one last date and stayed at Grandma Smith's. Dad took me to the stupidest movie I've ever seen I think it was called "No Country for Old Men" during the movie I started getting nervous cause the hospital hadn't called yet and it was getting late, after the movie we went to the Olive Garden and still no call, It's a good thing we have connections because Dad called your Aunt Angie and she talked to the nurses and had one call me to give me all the details. I felt much better after that!! We than headed to Grandma's for the night, I didn't sleep very well, I was so excited to be done being pregnant and to meet you! Things ran very smooth as far as delivery, we had an awesome Dr. and nurses but our favorite was our recovery nurse by far!! Welcome to the Family Dusty Boy!- Life with 3 boys should be very interesting!!

Christmas Party #2

The Jones Clan!

Santa told the kids to hold their ears into points for
the rest of the day and he would take them back to the
North Pole and put them to work with all the elves!!

I want a bike, webkins, & a remote control car!

I want Tony Hawk clothes, a 4-wheeler, & some Jordan's!

Swing Batter!-Dustin really getting into it!

Dillon hit the pinata so hard he broke the bat!

Josh, Dillon, & Andi swimming!

Whoooo Hooooo!!

Thank You Grandma & Grandpa!!

The kids were so excited to have two Christmas parties right in a row!! they were really excited to meet Santa and tell him all the things they wanted for Christmas!! Santa was quick on his feet when asked where his sleigh was? He said the Elves wouldn't let him bring it out before Christmas anymore since him and the reindeer ran grandma over!! and I honestly think they believed him!! The rest of the day was filled with craft projects, breaking a pinata, eating, and of course swimming!! We all had a good time visiting and playing!! -Dec. 19th-

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party #1

The kids patiently waiting to open their white elephant gifts!

Dillon with Great Grandma & Grandpa Waters


Dinner Time!

The kids look forward to Grandma Jones' Christmas party every year, and Grandma never disappoints!! she some how manages to spoil all 20 of her grandkids!! Dillon & Degan know and love the traditions she has started!! especially the gingerbread houses, I think it's the table full of candy that they munch on while decorating that makes it every body's favorite!! and of course the white elephant game for the adults is always entertaining!! this year we walked away with an apron (which I love-Thanks Torrey) and some MMR's, popcorn and juice (Thanks-Amanda) Thank You Mom for another wonderful party!! -Dec. 18th-

The Magical Forest!

Brittnee, Alek, Cropper, Victoria, Karli, Madi, Monique, Kyra,
Taylor, Angelica, Robert, Samuel, Connor, Dillon, & Kayla.


Gidee Up!!

On Dec. 17th all the first grade classes made their way on a bus into Las Vegas for a field trip to the magical forest!! I was lucky enough to go with them and join the fun! Dillon was excited to ride a bus to Vegas for some reason and as soon as we got there they all wanted to see the big guy in the red suit, so that was our first stop! then we got in line for the train that takes you through the magical forest, it was a long wait for the kids so they passed the time by playing simon says! We made our way to the big slide which was the hit of the day!! and last but not least the merry-go-round!! and then off to the park for lunch! On the way home a few of the kids and adults took a nap, I'm not sure how cause it was pretty loud! It was a fun day, so thank you to the PTA for donating money for the kiddies to go!!

Cookies Galore!!

Aunt Carla helping Dustin cut out a cookie!!

Ali & Dillon decorating their cookies!!

Degan making his "special" cookies for Stacy!

Dusty sneaking some peanut butter chips!

Aunt Carla, Ali, Carina, Casey & Katie came over to bake some Christmas cookies with the boys! They had a lot of fun cutting out their cookies and frosting them, and of course eating them!! Degan always makes a "special" tray of cookies just for Stacy Woods, because he will eat anything! and we think it's funny to give him germ infested cookies!! Just picture Degan licking the knife and dipping it back in and then licking his fingers over and over again!! This by far is one of my favorite traditions and hope it continues for many more years!!

Thanksgiving 2009

All the kids eating outside while the adults ate inside!!

This years Thanksgiving was quit eventful, It started out fine with all the family gathering to eat all the yummy food everyone brought! and it was such a nice day we put the kids outside to eat and make a mess!! We got everything put away and sat down to let our food digest before digging into the pies!! When Amanda got a call saying something was wrong with Shane and he was going to the ER by ambulance, so Darin drove Amanda and Kord to the hospital (way to fast I'm sure) but by the end of the night Shane was fine and spent a few more days in the hospital. I am truly thankful for my family and for all the love and support they give us. Family is so important and I am very fortunate to have such good ones, I Love You All !!

Good Night SleepTight!

We're not sure why Dustin likes to sleep like this but he is found every morning just like this! He gets himself sideways against our headboard with his arm and leg down the crack and sometimes he even puts his face in the crack! I doesn't seem very comfy to me but he must think it is!!


Dillon Loved playing ski ball!

Everybody watch out!

Degan & his Monster Truck

On November 19th we made a quick trip up to Salt Lake to take my sister Deanna a mattress, and they took us out to Chuck-E-Cheese!! The kids had a blast running around playing all the games! Degan really liked driving the monster truck and said he wanted to take it home with him!! Dillon spent most of his time playing ski ball and getting his picture drawn! Dustin was Darin's buddy cause he was scared of the dancing & singing characters!! It was a short trip but we had a lot of fun!!

Buccaneer Of The Week!

Dillon's poster in the hallway!

Dillon, Emma, Brittnee, Madi, Kayla, & Victoria
Enjoying Dillon's favorite snack Popcorn!!

November 16th-20th Dillon was the Buccaneer of the Week! He was so excited to make a poster with all his favorite things for everyone to see!! He also chose to bring everyone their own bag of popcorn and a juice box for a snack! and all the kids in his class have to write him a letter, I can't wait to see what everyone wrote!! He has had a lot of fun this year in school and has made a lot of new friends especially with the girls!!!

Monkey see Monkey do!



Dustin tries to keep up with Degan and is doing a really good job these days!! Degan is always climbing up on the counters using our drawers as a ladder and Dustin has watched him enough to do the same thing!! Now nothing is safe, on this day he climbed up to get his Daddy's Golden Graham's!! The funny thing is that he's to scared to climb down so he just sits and yells for us to come get him down!! We'll see what Degan teaches him next?????


All the kids patiently waiting for the parade to start!

Grandpa Waters with Jestin & Blayke

The back of Grandpa's float!!


Dusty was a little scared, so he sat with Granny!

On November 11, 2009 we went to the local Veteran's Day parade!! The kids were excited to collect candy and see all the floats, especially Grandpa's!! He was a POW in World War II, and they asked him to be in the parade so Jestin got his Rhino all painted and ready to go. Grandpa told Grandma he was NOT going to wave and he didn't! The kids were screaming his name and waving like crazy and he gave them a little wave! It was so funny!! The kids didn't get as much candy as they were hoping for but had a good time anyways!! Thank you to all who have fought and who fight now for our freedoms! God Bless America!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Dusty enjoying a sucker at the Valley of Fire
Degan doing a little pumpkin bowling
Dillon, Degan & Kennan racing
Argggg.. Bailee & Dillon as Pirates
Dustin with some crazy eyes
Degan the Power Ranger
Group Picture
Spiderman got us safely home!

We started the day out at the Valley of Fire with the Staton family, the kids had fun running around on the rocks, playing games, winning candy, and eating way to many cookies! We than headed to Granny's for the Party and lunch!! The kids got dressed in their costumes and enjoyed some worm pizza! Yummy!! After filling our bellies with witch fingers and brew we went home for an afternoon nap. At night fall we dressed up the kids again to do some old time Trick-Or -Treating. Dustin was being a "little stinker" and would not stay in his skunk outfit, so he had to make a costume change into Spiderman and was perfectly happy! (silly kid) All in all it was a fun day and the kids got way to much candy, and are already planning what they want to be next year!!