Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I-Touch Baby!!

*Like Father-Like Son*
Dillon is spoiled with a capital "S" he wasn't suppost to get his I-Touch until we left for Cali in June but Dad found a good deal on e-bay and couldn't keep it a secret so he got it a little early!! He did a really good saving his portion of the bill, and we're so proud of you for resisting the temptation to spend all your money at wal-mart!!

Dillon the Ladies Man!!

 Last week Dillon came home from school and tells me this story: "Mom there's this girl in my class named Rylee and she keeps kissing me on the cheek and than she tries to hold my hand!" Me: "Well did you tell her to stop it?" Dillon: "Yes even Kyra tells her to stop and she won't, but I think we figured it out, I think she Loves Me!!" Oh dear I'm so not ready for this!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Break Happenings!

The first few days of our Spring Break were spent at Grandpa Waters' house trying to spend as much time with him as possible. It was nice to see him outside in good spirits just chatting away with all the family! He even made a point to tell Degan to stop running around with a sucker in his mouth!! Which is totally Grandpa and we all know he passed on the Waters worry gene!! One of the days was a bad one for Grandpa and we were all upset & crying and my sweet Degan boy went around the room and gave everyone a hug in an effort to cheer them up! So Sweet!! I will always cherish those few days spent with my amazing family!!

Darin won a free cabin stay up by Bryce Canyon from his MDF dinner! We decide to use it during spring break and it just so happened to be free national parks week -SCORE- so on Thursday morning we headed for the hills and enjoyed a beautiful hike & drive through Bryce Canyon! It was a little chilly but so worth it and now we've decided to go to a different national park whenever it's the free week!!

Friday morning we made our way to Grandma Smith's for some Easter fun with cousins and overdosed on candy as usual!!

Bright & early Saturday morning (8:30) Degan had a T-Ball game, which was his best game yet! He played 1st base and pitcher so he had a lot of action and stopped everyone of the balls that rolled off the T! than we went & saw the Easter bunny! and got even more candy!!
In the afternoon we meet everyone at the Valley of Fire for the egg hunt & lunch! Of course the boys climbed around on the rocks but only walked away with a few scratches and buckets full of candy! Just what they needed more candy!! but Family + good food & weather = a perfect day!!

Later that evening the boys got some good snuggle time with Kaelynn! Don't they look so cute watching TV together!
The Easter Bunny was kind enough to hide pillow pets and NO candy!! The kids thought that was odd, but momma was very happy!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Night

Dusty didn't want to sleep by himself so big brother Degan came to his rescue and climbed on into bed with him!! and this is how we found them!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!

When the Carnies roll into town and make us all break our budgets! But the kids are in heaven watching little pigs race for Oreo cookies and if they get lucky they might get to participate in a show or two!!
 Face painting is a must! Degan had 2-face picked out days before the fair arrived!
Eating all kinds of over priced junk until we're sick and spotting a clown doing tricks is awesome!
And don't forget the rides! The Round Up was Dillon's favorite, Degan loved them all, but was bummed that he was still to short for the rocking boat and Dusty loved the fun houses! Darin & I not so much!
Farewell Fair we'll see you again next year and hopefully Degan will get to ride the boat!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

$5 Haircut

Before    &     After
I'm not sure why bribery works, but it works really good on Dillon especially when he's saving up for something, He must really want that I-Touch!!!

Swing Batter Batter

A few weeks ago we tried to take Degan out to teach him a few things about playing T-Ball and it went a little something like this: Darin: "No, Degan you need to do it like this- Degan get off the ground- Degan keep your eye on the ball- Degan quit screwing around" Degan: "Dad your not my couch you can't tell me what to do!" and than he went and sat in the car!! So Aunt Carla volunteered to show him a few things I'm not sure it went any better but at least he didn't yell at her!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!!

My morning started a little early, OK a lot early when Darin's phone alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning (the kids played an April's fool joke on us and didn't even know it!) and I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got up and played on the computer and found all kinds of funny pranks to play on the kids!(mostly Dillon) After Dillon left for school I short sheeted his bed!, put salt on their toothbrushes,  than when he got home Darin took him to our room to have a "talk" with him about his teacher calling and saying him & Kyra are getting out of hand! and will probably have to move him to a different class! just before he was about to cry Darin burst out with APRIL FOOL'S! He got a little break when they went on a hike for scouts out to the flag that flies above the highway as your leaving town, but as soon as they got home the jokes continued with dinner! I fixed cupcakes (meatloaf with colored mashed potatoes), fries with ketchup & mustard (cake with colored cool whip) and juice (jell-o gelatin) Oh and I put vinegar in the water! WAHHHAAA! Happy April Fools Day Boys---I Really Do Love You!!

Dillon, Degan, & Thayne
Dinner Anyone?

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Yesterday evening Degan had been outside playing and he comes in walking kinda funny and holding his shorts up & away from his thigh. I ask him what happened and he proceeds to tell me this tall tale: "I saw a lizard and tried to catch him so I could keep him as a pet and he climbed up my leg and in my shorts and scratched me!" I'm thinking: "really, cause all the lizards I've seen run away as fast as they can, uhhh?" but you never know stranger things have happened and so I asked to see this supposed lizard attack scratch and it looks more like a road rash kind of a scrap, so I retell him the story and ask if he's sure that's what happened and I can tell by the smile on his face he's LIEING! where do kids learn to tell such elaborate lies??