Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!

For my Birthday Darin surprised me with a over night trip to the Golden Nugget in Vegas!! We first went and got pedicures (yes I made Darin get one too!) Went down to the pool (which was really cool) and had to get out after only 20 minutes cause they were closeing!! Than headed down to Fremont Street to watch the show and all the crazy people!! Thank You Honey for making #32 Fun!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Duck Creek Days!!

What do you do in the summer time when it is way to hot to go outside?? You head for the hills to do some 4-wheeling!!
3 little monkeys!!

Cruisin with Aunt Carla & yes it rained on us AGAIN this year! The boys didn't mind they LOVED every minute!

I'm not sure how, but Dusty managed to fall asleep!

We spotted a buck, The kids were excited cause they had been looking all day for one!

Degan going fast with Daddy!

All nice & dirty from being rained on and than the dirt sticking to our faces! Fun Times
We enjoyed a nice cool weekend up at cedar mountain last weekend, It was Duck Creek Days so I talked Carla into pulling the 4-wheelers up! We spent the night at Casey & Katie's new apartment in Cedar Friday night and than headed up the mountain in the morning. We all had a good time cruising around, looking for reindeer (Degan kept calling them Santa's reindeer) and eating over priced food!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

God Bless America!

The boys patiently waiting for the candy run!!

Dusty telling Daddy a secret!!

Dillon doing a relay!

Degan on the slip-n-slide!

This was where the boys spent most of the day, In the dirt!! Creating cool things and having fun!!

Cutest boys ever!!
Fireworks at home

Watching Dad light off the bigger ones!

Katie, Degan, & Dillon playing with sparklers!
This year for the 4th we stayed home and took advantage of all the local festivities!! I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than by chasing after candy, playing in water, enjoying good food and lighting things on fire!! A perfect day for a bunch of Boys!!

Dusty's New Ride!

While on vacation at the KOA we spotted a kid with a bike that didn't have any peddles, We were very impressed with the bike and thought it was a good idea to teach kids how to get their balance first and skip the whole training wheel part! Darin started hunting around and found the "Strider" for Dustin! He absolutely LOVES his new ride and can keep up with his brothers when they go on bike rides now!!