Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Dusty enjoying a sucker at the Valley of Fire
Degan doing a little pumpkin bowling
Dillon, Degan & Kennan racing
Argggg.. Bailee & Dillon as Pirates
Dustin with some crazy eyes
Degan the Power Ranger
Group Picture
Spiderman got us safely home!

We started the day out at the Valley of Fire with the Staton family, the kids had fun running around on the rocks, playing games, winning candy, and eating way to many cookies! We than headed to Granny's for the Party and lunch!! The kids got dressed in their costumes and enjoyed some worm pizza! Yummy!! After filling our bellies with witch fingers and brew we went home for an afternoon nap. At night fall we dressed up the kids again to do some old time Trick-Or -Treating. Dustin was being a "little stinker" and would not stay in his skunk outfit, so he had to make a costume change into Spiderman and was perfectly happy! (silly kid) All in all it was a fun day and the kids got way to much candy, and are already planning what they want to be next year!!


Dillon's first grade class!!
Hunter, Dillon, Cropper, and Alek

Dillon's class had a Halloween Party on the 29th, they had a lot of fun dressing up, playing games, doing crafts, and eating to much junk!!

Happy Birthday Degan!

Degan Robert 4yrs.

Ok so I'm totally lame and didn't get one picture of Degan on his birthday or with his cake. Sorry Buddy I'm a horrible Mom. Degan has really been into how he looks lately especially his clothes, he has two pairs of jeans that he LOVES!! he's worn them so much they have holes in the knees. So Darin and I decided we would take him shopping for his birthday, thinking he would have fun, well we go to Old Navy to get some jeans and everything there is "stupid" (Degan's words not mine) in his defence it was really picked over and not much to choose from in his size. Darin convinces him Kohl's would have some cool stuff, so we get there and again he's not liking anything we pick out, so I just picked out a couple pairs of jeans figuring he'll give in, in a few days and wear them (he's very stubborn when it comes to his jeans and still refuses to wear them) So on the way home Darin asks him why he didn't pick anything out?? and Degan tells him "I don't know, I got a little nervous" I guess to many options can be a bad thing!! Sorry you had a lame B-day, We'll make it up to you next year!!-Happy Birthday Buddy we love you!!

4 Years Ago!!

Yes, four years Ago our lives were blessed with another little boy!! First of All we were all so excited for you to join our little family especially Dillon! Your due date was November 5th and as your due date got closer the Dr. and I decided that October 28th would be a good day for you to come, well the office called to schedule my C-Section and all the surgery rooms were full at the hospital, so we than decided to go with the 1st of November. We had just sold our house in Vegas and on the 21st we moved all our things to Granny & PaPa's, I was busy all week trying to get things organized and ready for you to come!! I didn't take the time to pack my overnight bag for the hospital cause I figured I could do it the day before you were scheduled come!! well on the 27th at around 11:00pm I started having contractions, thinking that I had just over done it for the day so I got a glass of water and laid down to go to bed, well the contractions got harder and harder so I went and got Daddy and told him I thought I was in labor. I called Dr. Gondy and she told me to get to the hospital as fast as I could, because she didn't want me in active labor, well that totally freaked your Dad out so he was running around trying to pack our bags and get ready to go, meanwhile I had to get myself ready and shave my legs, which is a very hard thing to do with a big ol' belly and being in labor made it almost impossible so Dad came to my rescue and did it for me!! We made the long trek from Overton to Vegas in record time!! and when we finally reached the hospital they admitted me immediately and gave me some shots to stop my contractions. Our Dr. came in early on the 28th and we had a good laugh cause it was the original day she had wanted to deliver you!! Daddy and I were so tired from not sleeping the night before but we were so happy to finally get to meet you---We Love You Little Man!!!