Friday, October 31, 2008


Out-n-about Trick or Treating! All Tuckered Out!
Fishing at the Trunker Treat!
Totally Freaked out by all the scary people!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Hope everyone had as much fun as we did! We went out and did some Trick or Treating the old fashioned way!! around our neighbor hood and to relatives than we hit up our wards trunker treat, which was cool for Dillon! We made it to the second car and Degan spotted a freaky skeleton looking thing and wouldn't go any farther, he was done!! They still had lots of fun and got way to much candy!!


Pirates warming up before the game Tailgating--YUMMY
This post is for all you Pirates out there away from home! Last night was the big Pirate/Bulldog football game, and it was a good one!! both teams were undefeated but we managed to SMOKE them!! yes 35 to 21!! On their Home Turf -Even Better!! GO PIRATES!!
It's become a tradition the last couple years for my family to get together and tailgate for the big Rival game! My Nephew Casey plays second string so he does more sitting than playing (you know how it is out here) and my sister Bonnie & Brother In Law Vern live in Bunkerville (she still roots for good ole MVHS!) but he's from Virgin Valley so we all love to give him a hard time, poor guy! -This year was just as Yummy as all the others! we had Chili, corn bread,taco soup, hot dogs, and lots of cake (we have six B-days in October) And the Kids had a Blast playing football and goofing around on the side lines (the stands were all full so we had to sit behind the goal) We still had lots of fun & can't wait for next year!!
One last funny story: Degan my crazy child! was rolling down the little hills on the side lines which was fine but at some point he decided the big hill looked a lot funner so we all watch him climb up this big hill on all fours like a pro mountain climber!, I'm thinking he's going to roll down, but no the kid takes off running, he looked like Dash off the Incredibles, his little legs were going so fast! I'm sure you all know what's going to happen next, yes he totally biffs it, looking something like a rag doll! I guess he didn't get hurt bad enough cause a while later he started back up a smaller hill! I think he wanted to show off cause all his cousin's were trying to cheer him up by clapping and saying how cool he was! but his Aunt Carla was fast enough to stop him!! Crazy Kid, He's All Boy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dustin's Crib??

Good Night-Sleep Tight!
OK so it's not a real crib but that's what Darin & I like to call it! Since Dustin has been doing the army crawl it's no longer safe to put him on our bed with all the pillows around him, in fear he'll push his way threw and fall onto our wood floor (not a soft landing) So we have sectioned off a spot for him to nap in our front computer room! It's perfectly safe on the floor, no worries! You may be wondering why we don't have a real crib? Well we did, we bought a real nice one when we had Dillon and NEVER used it, same thing with Degan we NEVER used it, you guessed it Dustin came we had it all set up in Dillon's new room (yesterday's post) and we NEVER used it. I know we're lame we just prefer to let our babies sleep with us in our bed at night. But I am happy to say that we are using part of the crib for Dillon's headboard in his new room!! so it wasn't a complete waste, just an expensive headboard!!!

-Pretty Tricky-

Dustin is 10 months old now and is "Pretty Tricky" He's just starting to pull himself up on things! He did it once about a month ago and than nothing until a few days ago, you can tell by the pictures he's pretty proud of himself, he couldn't stop smiling and he kept hitting the ottoman to get my attention and as soon as I'd look over at him he'd smile & laugh. He's such a cutie!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dillon's New Room

Dillon Chillin in his new room! Posing by his cool hooks.
Degan in his Spiderman room!
Dillon has been wanting me to put his new room on the blog for quit some time now, but I told him he had to wait until I got his blanket finished, well I finally finished it yesterday, so today he's been bugging me to post some pics cause he wants Maicey & Gager to see his cool Skater Boy Room!!! His new room has been a lot of fun to decorate we found the cool hooks and the big sticker of the guy skating at pottery barn and Darin made shelves from some skateboards!! It's still a work in progress we're looking for a cool poster. Degan aka Spiderman wanted a picture of his room too so he's striking a pose in his Spiderman room! The funny thing is Dillon is to scared to sleep by himself so Degan is only allowed in his room to sleep with him! they actually rotate between both rooms! Silly Kids!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween/Birthday Party!!

TRICK-OR-TREAT Happy Birthday!! SiSi-2 Degan-3
Granny Jones loves this time of year with all the holidays!! and its become tradition to get together for all her parties! This year she was nice enough to let Ann & I combine SiSi's & Degan's Birthdays with her Halloween party! (their B-days are only a day apart, Degan's on the 28th & SiSi's on the 29th) I took Degan to Lin's and let him pick out a birthday cake and I must say he did an excellent job! Thank You Mom for a wonderful party!! The kids had so much fun!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Dillon Hagin' out with his Best Buddy! Dillon searching for the best pumpkin!
Dillon with some of his classmates petting sheep!
Yeah! Today was the day for the walking field trip to the pumpkin patch!! For those of you who truly know Dillon can only imagine what my week has been like! He's known about the trip to the pumpkin patch all week and every morning as soon as he'd wake up he'd ask me if it was Thursday! So today when he got up I was happy to announce that today was THURSDAY!! He was super excited and got himself dressed & ready to go and had me packing his snacks in his lunch box at 9:30 (he doesn't go to school till 12:30) Darin had the day off so he went with him and said for being the end of October it sure was HOT! but they still had a lot of fun!! Dillon really enjoys one on one time with his Best Buddy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


OK here's the rules: Go into your picture files and post the 4th picture from the 4th folder onto your blog! and than tag 4 friends!! So this is not the best picture, But it was one of the best days of my life! I thought about cheating and putting one of Darin with Dustin!! This was the day Dusty Boy was born December 21 2007!! He had just come in from the NICU (he wasn't breathing right) and my Spinal Tap had finally worn off, so this was really the first time I got to sit and hold him! Since it was so close to Christmas he got a really cute beany!! This was my best hospital stay of all the kids, the best part was having my sister-in-law Angie as my nurse! She totally spoiled us! Thanks Ang.

I tag Torrey, Ann, Monica & Bethany

Sunday, October 19, 2008

-My Testimony-

The balloon release from Rodger's Funeral In church today they talked about how when facing life's challenges our testimonies can be strengthened and the importance of sharing our testimonies with strangers and even more importantly the people we know and love! Since I'm not one who likes to get up in front of people, I figured my blog would be perfect for me! I know this church to be true, I've been a member all my life and at times I struggle & know my testimony isn't as strong as it should be or could be. I'm so glad to have the knowledge that Families can be Together Forever, I think knowing that there is a life after death especially in times of loss gives me a little peace of mind. I truly feel sorry for those who don't believe that there is a God, how else can you explain our existence? I would be totally lost with out the knowledge of why we're here and where we go after our mission here on earth is done. I'm grateful for my family they are truly amazing people I'm thankful for their unconditional love and for the support they give me on a daily bases, I know I could call on anyone of them and they would help in any way they could! I love my husband & boys with all my heart, they are my heaven on earth. I'm beginning to realize the importance of raising righteous children, I'm scared for my kids to have to grow up in this world, they have to be so much more prepared than I ever was and I know it's up to us to get them ready to go out into this crazy world, cause I do believe that this is a chosen generation I believe that it is possible that them or their posterity will see the second coming of Christ. I'm grateful for the gospel & it's teachings I'm glad to be on the earth at this time to have the opportunity to teach and raise some amazing spirits, I love my Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Boy-Dillon!

Happy Birthday!
Dillon Cashing In!!-Thank You Everyone!
Jumping on the tramp & having fun with his cousin's! Another year has come and gone, It doesn't seem like that long ago we were celebrating Dillon's 5th birthday, (the years are going by way too fast) We talked Dillon into a family party this year! and promised to take him to the shark reef on saturday, so he'll be having an extended B-day this year. He had alot of fun today though, he was excited to get to school cause his class would sing to him and he got to wear a special birthday badge! I took his class cupcakes that he helped make! than after school his cousin's came over for dinner and root beer floats (his favorite) as you can tell by the pictures he had alot of fun jumping on the tramp which was also a B-day present! and he got lots of money which he plans on spending on a new DS game, so Thank You everyone for making Dillon's day extra special!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rodger D

Dustin with his namesake Rodger D! We all knew this day was coming, but I still have a bitter sweet feeling, yes I know it was time for him to go, he suffered long enough, but I missed seeing him today when we went to Grandma & Grandpa's. Even though it wasn't the same Rodg we knew & loved, we would still get small glimpses of the old Rodgey, like when he would talk Chinese with Darin, and laugh so hard it would almost scare us, He would give you one of his cheesy smiles almost every time you asked him to smile! Grandma & Grandpa did an amazing job raising and taking care of Rodger, when most people would've given up they wouldn't and they did it without complaining or asking for help, they were happy to take care of their "special boy" Some of my fondest memories are: At our wedding there was no music playing but Rodgey insisted on dancing with me and I was very honored! He would come over to Ross & Annette's while we were living there and would help me fold my laundry he was awesome getting them just right!, I would play Mario brothers with him on the Nintendo & he would sit right in front of the TV. Darin & Rodger would do this silly skit where Darin would bend different parts of his body like his arms or his back & Rodg would try to straighten him out and as soon as he would get him all straightened out Darin would bend something else, It was pretty funny and entertaining to watch, him & Darin always had a special bond in fact Darin was one of the last people he remembered, we would go visit and when Darin would talk to him & ask who he was he'd say Darwado (Darin Ronald) every time!! We will miss Rodger so much, but know he's dancing in heaven and getting things ready for all of us. We love you Buddy.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I got tagged by Torrey!! Thanks girl! It was fun!

Eight T.V. shows I love to watch:

1- Army Wives!!
2- One Tree Hill
3- The Hills
4- Life
5- Dr. 90210
6- American Idol
7- MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenges
8- Oprah

Favorite Places to Eat:

1- Inside Scoop!!!
2- Olive Garden
3- Chuck-A-Rama (My kids eat good there!)
4- Pizza Factory
5- Panda Garden
6- Sonic (love the cerry limeaides!)
7- Cafe Rio
8- Artic Circle

Eight Things that happened yesterday:

1- Went to Activity Days.
2- Sanitized all the toys in the Nursery.
3- Took Dillon & Thayne to school.
4- Went to the powder puff football game.
5- Gave the boys baths.
6- Picked up the House.
7- Watched Oprah.
8- Checked the Mail.

Eight Things I look forward to:

1- Dustin's Smiling face in the mornings.
2- Phone calls from Darin to say good night.
3- Hot baths in my jacuzzi tub!!
4- Movie nights with the family.
5- Nap time & Bed time.
6- Hugs and kisses from my boys.
7- Family Vacations.
8- The Holiday's

Eight Things I love about Fall:

1- The cool weather (it's perfect)
2- Wearing Pants.
3- Halloween
4- Dillon & Degan's B-day's
5- Going for walks with my kids & dog.
6- Family get togethers.
7- Leaving the windows open.
8- Fall colors.

Eight Things on my wish list:

1- A backyard for my kids to play in.
2- A toy hauler
3- Healthy/Happy Boys
4- A 2008 4-Runner.
5- World Peace.
6- For a maid to clean my house.
7- Patience
8- Gray hair never existed.

8 Things about my Man

1- He is a goof ball!!
2- He always says I love you before he hangs up the phone.
3- He loves to wear new socks!
4- He likes Hootie & the Blowfish!
5- He is the best dad and husband!!!
6- He is a planner, He has his future all planned out!
7- His Boys are the most important things to him & would do anything for them.
8- He sings in the shower!!

8 Quirky Habits of mine

1- I have a routine when I take a shower. I do everything in the same order everytime I shower.
2- I have a routine when I get ready, first I get dressed, do my hair than do my make-up.
3- I hate it when my kid's closet door are left open if I walk by & notice one open I have to go close it.
4- When I make a sandwich I get everything out, and after I use each item I put it away, it takes me forever to make a sandwich.
5- I have a difficult time sleeping at night because I run through my "to do" list while I lay in bed at night.
6- I like to do my cleaning before I shower.
7- Sorry I can only think of 6.

I tag anyone reading my blog right now----TAG YOUR IT-----

Monday, October 6, 2008

Enjoying the Nice Weather

We've been going out for walks alot lately since it's been sooooo nice outside!! Dillon will ride his bike (just to get out of walking the dog) Degan & I will trade off pushing Dustin & Walking Ruger (He pushes Dustin more cause he doesn't like to walk Ruger either) I'm not sure why the boys don't like to walk the dog, he's old and just mosies along in fact I'm pulling on his leach half the time!! Dustin loves to have Degan push him cause he goes fast, I'm always yelling at him to "SLOW DOWN" I love going for walks with my boys, Dillon always has lots to talk about, it's good one on one time!!

Just One of the Boys

Dustin Enjoying a bath with his brothers! SPLISH SPLASH!!
Dustin took a bath with his brothers for the first time tonight!! after our walk! I was feeling kind of lazy and decided to just throw them all in the same tub. He had fun splashing and kicking his legs! He kept looking at himself in the silver thing (I don't know what it is) and would laugh, he even tried to kiss himself a few times which ended up being a bad idea cause he just did a face plant into the water, but he didn't seem to mind he never cried! Lucky for him I'll be doing this more often.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Picture Time

It's that time of year again, as you can tell by my blog we had new family pictures taken! I always try to get pictures of the kids and family once a year, I think it's fun to look back and see how we've all changed! I don't notice the kids growing cause I see them every day but every year when I change there pictures I can't help but think that they are getting so big! and Monica always does a good job catching there little personalities!

Dillon Ross--6yrs.

Dillon is a very good kid, he does whatever he's asked to do, not always with a smile or at the speed we think he should be going (he's distracted easily) but what kid does? He loves going to school, and wishes he could go everyday!! The other day he said: I already know everything we learn in kindergarten; but that's OK cause I still have FUN! He also reported that he does NOT chase the girls on the playground; some of the boys in his class do but he likes to build sandcastles with his buddy Thayne! He has made allot of new friends but doesn't remember there names! He's to cool for Mom & Dad's kisses but kissing his cheek is still OK! He's an awesome big brother and helps me out allot, He loves it when Dustin reaches for him, and is happy to hold him, he just laughs when he pulls his hair or his ears! Him & Degan have a love hate relationship one minute they're fighting and the next they're Best Buddies! Darin & I can't believe Dillon is turning 6 (where do the years go?) We Love You!

Degan Robert--3

Degan is our little ball of energy, I don't think he knows what the word WALK means, he runs wherever he goes, he gets in trouble daily for running down the halls, cause his Dad is downstairs sleeping!! He loves to do whatever Dillon is doing in fact Darin & I can't remember him being a baby for very long cause he grew up so fast, we think he wanted to keep up with Dillon! He loves his brothers and misses Dillon when he's at school, he'll ask if he can go with him at least twice a week. He takes good care of Dustin, he'll run and find him a toy when he cries & than kiss his forehead & tell him "It's OK Dusty Boy" Degan still likes kisses from his Mom & Dad, he'll pucker up anytime we ask for a kiss! We love this little boy he truly keeps us laughing, with his silly faces & things he'll say & do! We love You!

Dustin Rodger--9 mo.
It's true what they say about the baby of the family, at only 9mo. he has everyone wrapped around his little finger!! He is spoooield! in fact I blame my household duties not getting done on him. He has a face that melts our hearts & we hate to see him cry. He has been doing the "army crawl" for over a month now, I keep waiting for him to take off crawling but he'll get on all fours and sway back & forth, than plop down to his belly & scoot to where ever he wants to go!! He's pretty fast and the boys like to make him chase different toys. He hates to eat sweet potatoes & green beans he'll take one bite make a funny face and refuse to eat another bite he'll turn his head or hold his lips shut tight, he does it every time I try to feed him those veggies! We have really enjoyed our baby boy & wish we could keep him small just a little longer but can't wait to watch him grow. We love You !