Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Race Is On!

I failed to mention that after Dillon turned 8 he started scouts!! which he totally LOVES! and he got to participate in his first pinewood derby today. Him & his dad decided they wanted to build a truck and of course paint it black & red because those are his favorite colors! So off to Grandpa Waters' workshop they went to create their version of a dodge truck and I must say it turned out AWESOME! On the day of the big race they race four times and the top three from each ward goes back to race, he placed 1st-2nd-2nd-3rd! luckily he didn't have to go back but was extremely happy with his 1st place race!! 

Shootin some B-Ball!!

Another season of basketball has come and gone for Dillon! The games were both fun & frustrating to watch, he started the season off a little timid taking his time dribbling to the hoop, but when I told him I still remembered some cheers from my high school cheerleading days and if he didn't hustle I was gonna bust out some old cheers! after that and bribing him of course he was making baskets left & right!! OK maybe not left & right but whenever he had the ball he would at least try to make a basket, and the funniest was when he'd yell at his teammates to pass him the ball when he was running behind them! By the end of the season it started to look like a B-ball game and he was playing some pretty good defence! Can't wait till next year! Good Job Buddy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Samurai 21

The older boys have been wanting to go to a Hibachi Grill since Darin took me to one for Valentine's Day a few years ago! So we told Dillon a couple weeks ago that if he made just two baskets in his next three games we would take him to Samurai 21! He agreed to the bribery and made three baskets that night!! What he doesn't know is we planned on taking them there for Valentine's Day anyways! They all loved eating with chopsticks! Dustin got a little scared from the big poof of fire and kept covering his eyes whenever the guy would pour stuff on the grill!! Dillon & Degan LOVED having food thrown at them to catch and the fire volcano was awesome! I think they found a new favorite place to eat!! Happy Valentines Day Boys We Love You!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect!!

Dillon showed interest in learning how to play the piano, so I tracked down a piano teacher and he has been taking piano lessons from Joshlyn Wheeler for a few weeks now!! So far he is really liking it and doesn't complain to much about practicing!!