Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Cheesewagon!

Oh how Degan loves the Cheesewagon! I think he was more excited to ride the bus than the actual going to school part! He doesn't even mind the hour ride it takes to get home after school, he said him & Tanner get to sit in the very back and it feels like a roller coaster ride!! Hopefully he keeps liking it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to Life-Back to Reality!!

-Degan's first day of Kindergarten-
-Dillon's first day of 3rd grade-
Back to School! The day started early for the boys because Dad woke them up when he got home so he could feed them breakfast in bed and see them before they headed off to school! Degan was super excited and couldn't wait to get there to see all his friends! (some how Mrs. Hammons got all of his preschool buddies!) Dillon I think was a little nervous but didn't want me to know cause he asked if I could drop Degan off first and go wait with him! but you can't blame the kid we didn't know his teacher or where his classroom would be, but as soon as he saw that he was going to be in a portable all fears were erased and he was excited! YAY for a successful first day of school and to be back on a schedule!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Wrap Up

In between all the fun vacations we went on this year, We made a few trips to the community pool to try and keep cool!
We built a lot of forts all around the house, but this one was the best one yet!! (according to Degan)
We developed an obsession with Avatar the last air bender and spent way to much time in front of the T.V.
We got on YouTube and looked up how to build all sorts of things with legos! and Dillon looked up how to draw the various cartoon characters! picture #1-Degan & his halo city. #2-Dillon's drawing of Danny Phantom #3-Dillon's drawing of the Avatar!
Degan & Dad did a little on line shopping and bought a backpack that was GINORMOUS! maybe he'll grow into it by the time he's in high school!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Womb With A View!

19 weeks
And What a view he gave us!! I had a feeling it would be a boy because I've had a few dreams about 4 boys! I wanted it to be a girl only because Dillon & Degan wanted a little sister so badly. Now to find a good "D" name we can all agree on! wish us luck!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dad Said YES!

Dusty Cruising around wal-mart with Papa
This picture has nothing to do with this post but it was just to darn cute to not be put on the blog! Dustin's new thing to try and get his way is to tell me that "Dad said yes" even if Darin isn't around or if he's sitting in the next room and I clearly heard him tell him NO Dustin will look you straight in the eye and say "Dad Said Yes! He does it to Darin too and every once in awhile he gets him!! While we were on vacation in Utah he got my sister a few times too!! You can't help but laugh, he's getting way to smart for his britches!

Friday, August 12, 2011

One Last Summer Vaca

We hit the road for one last big vacation before the kids have to go back to school! We took over my sister's house for almost a week while they were in Idaho, my kids were in heaven in the cooler weather and spent a lot of time outside playing! they also loved tormenting Tristan & Tristan's hamsters and Austin's dog Teeko! Dustin liked the doggy door and refused to use the real door!
The main reason for our road trip was to take Papa Jones up for his surgery on the 8th. The surgery went well and he was always up beat and happy when we stopped by to see him! but when it was time to head for home the Dr. decide he wanted him to stay close by for another week so we had to leave them behind in the comforts of a hotel room and the Andrew's brought them their car the next day cause you know Granny can't go a whole week without a trip to Wal-Mart!!
Of course if we're making a trip to Utah we HAVE to go to the boy's favorite place......The Nickle Arcades! Granny gave them all $5 to spend! The older boys played all the games that would spit out the most tickets and Dustin just wanted to ride all the little grocery store rides! and hour and a half later we left with two fake stabbing knives, a wormy, a bunch of laffy taffy's and three very happy boys!
Finally what we'd all been waiting for, our day at Lagoon with the Overson's!! LeAnn was the official roller coaster adult seeings how she was the only one who could go on them with the kids! Me being with child and Cord & Darin's motion sickness and of course Darin's bad neck, LeAnn was the go to girl!! Both Dillon & Degan surprised me and went on all the big coasters they were allowed on and just when I thought they'd chicken out they'd follow LeAnn and get on and come off with the biggest smiles and begging her to take them again! In fact we had so much fun we were there until closing and the kids decided it's their new favorite place besides the KOA of course! It's funny how an amusement park is so much more fun when you have a buddy to ride the rides with!!

The Beginning of Someone Amazing

19 weeks
I've had a lot of mixed feelings about this pregnancy, at first being shocked by the two pink lines, than being so sick with morning sickness, and than the worry of miscarriage. I'm sad to say I was less than excited to be doing this for the fourth time. But when I went in for the 9wk. ultrasound and I saw your little heart beating and than got to hear it at 15wks. I instantly fell in love and I knew you were meant to be ours! Now that I'm past the morning sickness and feeling so much better all the feelings of why me went to why not me! We can provide a loving home and I'm thinking this time around with the boys being older and maybe can help out more it's going to be fun and they are so excited to have a little person around! Dillon & Degan do NOT want another little brother and Dusty doesn't want a sister because he doesn't like girls! Well whatever you may be I'm excited to be your mom & to meet & raise you--See you in January!!