Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breakfast in Bed!!

Mmmm Mmmm Good!!
Breakfast in Bed!! Whats the occasion you may ask? and I guess it would be that it's Darin's Friday!! Darin's done this for the boys a few times before and they absolutely love it!! I can't think of a better way to be woken up than with a plate of pancakes and a cup of juice!! and Degan kept telling Darin: "You a Good Dad-Daddy" and I would definitely have to agree with Degan, Darin is a very good Dad and lots of fun!! You can tell how much the boys love being around their dad, they all just light up when he's around! Dillon doesn't keep it a secret that he likes his Dad the best and I wouldn't have it any other way! Degan and Darin share a special bond with video games and if he can't get past a level he'll say "I need my Dad" cause no one can play his DS games like his Dad, in his eyes Darin's the best!! Dusty Boy is definitely coming around, when it's time for Darin to go to work Dustin hates to see him go he won't have anything to do with me and makes Darin hold him and just lays his head on his shoulder and many times trys to put his shoes on so he can go with him!! It's really cute!! So Thank You Daddy for making our lives & morning special for no special reason---You're the Best!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dillon's Mother's Day Card!!

Degan & Dustin watching Dillon play his DS!!
My Mother's Day Card from Dillon!

I meant to post this yesterday after my boys went to bed, but I have to lay by Dustin to get him to go to sleep and I fell asleep!! I know I've said it before but Dillon is a very thoughtful kid, this year for Mother's Day he had a secret box (shoe box) that he kept under his bed and all week long he would sit at the table and do little art projects and I was NOT aloud to go near the table (yes I got yelled at a few times) I think I ended up with 6 different cards!! he made sure he made one for Darin & each of the kids to give to me! but his was the cutest, he said: "I did it all by myself, all I had to do was sound out the words" as you can tell he did an awesome job!! I'm so lucky to have Dillon as my son, he is so loving and caring and is the best Big Brother, All my boys made my Mother's Day Awesome! Hope all you Mothers out there had a great day!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Day Dance!!

Dillon waving HI!
The Parachute Dance!!!
The Elementary School has been doing May Day Dances since before I was in school, in fact Dillon thought it was crazy that I did the parachute dance when I was in kindergarten, but I on the other hand think it's kinda cool that my kids will get to do the same things I got to do!!

He was so excited and everyday he'd come home and tell us all about their practices and who couldn't skip or how they launched the ball off the parachute! On the day of the dance I told him that Grandma & Grandpa Smith & Jones, and Uncle Jim & Aunt Carla, and the Andrew Family were all gonna be there to watch him dance, and as soon as I picked him up he looked confused and says "Mom I looked for everybody but I couldn't see them cause there is so many people I don't know!! are you sure Gma & Gpa Smith came??" so I reassured him that even though he couldn't see them they all saw him dance!! and what a cute dance it was!!