Monday, February 11, 2013


best babysitters ever!
ALOHA! Oh, About 7 months ago Cord & LeAnn mentioned they were planning a trip to Kauai and invited us to join them!! It didn't take us long to decide that a trip to Hawaii was a perfect place to celebrate 15 years of marriage and than things just feel into place! Mom & Dad agreed to watch the boys for the  week (so we bought them a mini ipad for x-mas) Brad & Jo let us use their timeshare, free of charge (how lucky are we!) and Cord & LeAnn paid for the car rental!! (awesome!) So pretty much all we had to pay for was our tickets and spending money!!
It was so much fun going on a vacay with friends, it was a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, (although I do regret not going on a helicopter tour (next time!) We went kayaking, whale watching, hiking, and sight seeing and of course no trip to Hawaii would be complete without going to a luau!