Monday, June 28, 2010

Veyo Pool!

On the 25th we took the boys to the veyo pool! Now this pool has a little history in the Jones family; Darin's Mom & Dad went on dates there, Darin & I went there once on a date over 13 years ago! so we thought it would be fun to take our kids there!! We were surprised when we got there and they charged $6 for adults and $4 for kids just to get in. One of the cool things about this pool is they have a little fast food joint there, but the prices of the food was so not cool! They had a sign hanging on the wall that said: " Our Goal at the Veyo Pool is to leave you broke, full, and wet!" Well two out of three ain't bad! we were defiantly broke and wet! But we still managed to have a good time and who knows maybe our kids will be going on dates there too??

Life With Boys

Degan all geared up & cruisin over the ramp!
Dillon's Turn
Dusty getting in on the action!
Life with boys can be a little crazy at times to say the least!! Degan had been riding his bike for a few days when he decided he wanted to jump the ramp, so he drags one ramp down to the street and gets all the gear on! I tried to talk him out of it but he was determined to jump that ramp! so up the hill he went and comes cruising down, hits the ramp and crashes. He than jumps up and yells, "I'm alright Dad, I'm alright" He wanted to do it again (crazy kid) but Darin wouldn't let him. A few days later he convinced his Dad to pull the ramps out again and him & Dillon had so much fun going over the ramp! It makes me a little nervous to see what the next five years will bring, but as long as they don't get hurt, bring it on!!

#1 DAD

We are always in Cali for Father's Day, and this year was no different! So I think the guys like to take advantage of the fact we are always there and have started seeing a couple of movies in honor of Father's Day! but I love the fact that they get to spend some quality time with their kids and each other, so it's all good!! When I asked the kids Why they love their dad Degan said: "He gets me band-aids when I bleed, and makes me feel better" Dillon said: "He tucks me in at night and feeds me lunch on Sunday's" These are all true statements!! Whenever any of the kids get hurt they always want Dr. Daddy to fix them up!! and whenever he's home they all want him to tuck them in and lay down with them and tell them stories!! (he tells the best stories) I love the fact that it's the little things they love so much!! You really are #1 DAD to us!!

Sunny San Diego

The kids look forward to the San Diego trip all year long! We headed out bright and early on the 17th, and this year we made the long trek with Tyson and his boys (Torrey was preggers and to far along, so she had to sit this one out) The boys did really good as long as their was a movie going!! The next day we headed to Sea World and of course that was a big hit with all the kids! I think they all loved the Star Fish, cause you could pick them up!! Dustin was a little ruff with them so after him chucking one and hitting Evan in the head, he was no longer allowed to pick them up! Dillon's Favorite was seeing Shamu! and Degan loved the Raging Rapids ride! It was colder this year so we talked the kids into skipping the beach and spent the next couple of days playing at the park on Coronado island and walked the pier at Sea Port and we had fun hangin out at the KOA swimming and riding bikes with all the cousins! We were all happy to see they put in a new safer playground, So we spent lots of time down there! We all enjoyed our time in San Diego and can't wait for next year!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell to Training Wheels!

Darin finally convinced Degan to let him take off his training wheels! We had been trying to get him to take them off for a while now, We both knew he would catch on really quick, but he wouldn't let us take the darn things off; every time we'd ask him he'd tell us "NO he wanted to wait until he was older like 5!" or "maybe on my next birthday you can take them off!" But finally on the 10th Darin took them off and away he went, Darin only had to help him get started twice!! This kid never stops amazing me, I swear when he decided he was ready that's all it took!! Congrats little Man!

Wet n' Wild

Aunt Lori bought one of these cool water slides at costco and invited the kids over for some fun! The kids went up and down that slide so many times it made me tired! Some of the Adults even got in on the action! Darin went down for 5 kisses from Dillon! Now let me explain, Dillon will NOT kiss you on the lips, he will kiss you on the cheek or let you kiss him on the cheek. It has to be a special occasion for him to give you a kiss! So when Dillon agreed to give his Dad 5 kisses Darin couldn't pass it up!! Thank you Lori for the fun day the kids slept so good!!{June 2nd}

School's Out For Summer!

Andrew,Taylor,Dillon,Cropper,Landon,Hunter,Ethynn,Kayla, Madi,Victoria,Caden,Emma,Monique,Connor,Brittnee,Angelica,Kyra,& Karli
Dillon & Mrs. May--1st Grade
June 2nd was the last day of school. Mrs. May had an awards ceremony that morning with a really cute slide show of what the kids had done all year long! Dillon recieved the Citizenship Award! She said he was a model student that got a long with everybody and always made sure to include others in whatever he was doing! Dillon really enjoyed his 1st grade year but is so ready for summer break so he can go swimming!!

Remembering Rodger

As a family we've decided to make it a tradition to get us some Pepsi & Reese's peanut butter cups and go visit Rodger's grave every Memorial Day! We all sit on the grass and reminisce about all the funny things Rodger would do! Dillon remembers him calling him Tippy and telling him to go home!! Degan remembers him swinging on his swing! Dustin doesn't remember Rodg but we think that Rodger has somehow possessed him, because he likes to pick and pick at his scabs just like Rodger! Darin told the boys some funny stories from when they lived in springville! We miss you Rodgie! {May 31st}

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mother's Day!

Homemade Flowers & Card From Dillon

I've heard it said that being a mom is the hardest job when it's done right!! Done right what exactly does that mean? cause many days I feel like I've failed or didn't enjoy my kids enough, most days I'm just trying to make it through to the end when I can tuck them safely into their beds!! As a Mom to 3 wonderful boys I do agree that it is a hard job, and some days are not great, but there are those days that are just plain awesome!! and I wouldn't trade or wish those days away! I love you boys more than anything and Thank You for making my Mother's Day a good one!!

SiSi Did It!!

I'm not sure where Dustin learned to blame things on other kids, but already at 2 years old he is blaming poor SiSi for bad things he does!! So last month Darin & I tried to sleep in a little bit and Dustin took it upon himself to try and turn on a movie, I walked into the living room as he was putting a movie into the DVD player and trying to push it back in, I heard a snap and went to look up close, well he got the movie in but it wouldn't come back out. Darin even tore it apart to try and fix it! from the moment he broke the DVD player he blamed it on SiSi and days after when we asked him who broke the movie? He would tell us "SiSi broke the movie uhh ohh" He also broke the front of his sock drawer off by climbing on his dresser to get out socks and guess who got blamed for that?? poor SiSi isn't even around and she's getting blamed!!