Thursday, January 29, 2009


So this is Dustin's favorite thing to do these days!! Talk to his Dad on the phone!! When Darin calls to say good night to the boys Dusty Boy has to take a turn and even says HI DAD!! He gets really mad when we take the Cell phone away but is happy to talk on the remote control!! He's becoming a little jabber jaws, it sounds like he's speaking Chinese!! But he gets a kick out of himself and so do we, It makes us wonder what he's really trying to tell us!! I love this stage when they are figuring things out, He's getting a cute personality!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Sunbeam!!

My cute little sunbeam!!

I know I'm a little late with a sunbeam post but with everyone having colds or the flu, last Sunday was Degan's first time in his new class! He was super excited to go to his new class and kept telling us he was a "Sunbeam Power Ranger" I was asked to teach Dillon's class at the last minute cause his teacher didn't show up, but I was glad cause I got to watch Degan, I wasn't sure how he would be (he can be very unpredictable) but to my surprise he was really good!! He sat in his seat with his arms folded and just watched all the other kids and would turn and wave to Dillon & I! I can't believe how big my little man is getting you are such a fun & cute kid, I'm so proud of you & love you so much!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I've been Acquitted!!

I'm sure many of you remember my post a few months ago "Breaking the Law" well yesterday was my court date for my speeding ticket and I have wonderful news I've been Acquitted of all charges!!! A couple weeks after I got my ticket Darin took my ticket along with an e-mail from the traffic lieutenant stating what the new school zone rules are, so the ladies took a copy and put it in with my file. So yesterday when Lanny called me up he didn't ask me how I pleaded he said "I read through the paper you brought in & I did some research, I spoke to the sergeants out here & to some in Vegas and apparently the school zones are only in force 30min. before school & 30min. after or when children are present on the roadways. So I can't cite you for your ticket, your case is dismissed!! YAY!! you can only imagine how happy I was not to have to spend a dime. THANK YOU Lanny!!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Degan dragging Dustin around the kitchen!! Hanging on for dear life!!
GO GET YOUR BROTHER!! is a phrase the boys hear me say a lot through out the day, especially if I'm busy and Dusty Boy has decided to go explore the house. Dillon is big enough to pick him up and bring him to us but Degan on the other hand has tried to pick him up and failed,(I'm sure what ever your imagining is correct!) So he is only allowed to drag him by his feet back to where we are! Dustin rather enjoys being drug around so they do it for fun and he laughs the whole time!! Whats that saying? What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Academy of Hair Design Class of 2002!!

Class Reunion!!Dustin-Me-Camryn-Tiffany-Janie-Sophie-Parker-Katie

There are still a few girls I keep in touch with from hair school! you know with the occasional e-mail & Christmas Cards. On Friday we all decided to get together out at the Town Square and let the kids run around at the park and have a picnic! It was a lot of fun to catch up and see every ones kids! It was a little difficult to visit and chase kids at the same time but fun none the less! Can't wait for the next reunion!!

Happy 2009!!!

Happy New Year!! Cheers
Dillon ringing in the new year!!
Degan & Kabe playing their DS's
I think it's mandatory when having a New Years Party to eat lots of junk & stay up late, So we did just that!! We enjoyed hanging out and eating sauerkraut with cabasie, root beer floats, banana splits, dips with crackers and the kids favorite sparkling cider in some fancy cups!! The kids we're excited about not having a bedtime but only a handful made it! Dillon woke up the next morning disappointed he didn't stay awake and wanted to try & stay up till 12 again, and still didn't manage to stay up! We've become quite the partiers lately, I think we're getting good at it!! Can't wait till the next one!!