Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hippity Hoppity!!

Easter this year was full of lots of fun!! When you have lots of cousins to share the day with how could you not have fun? This year we spent Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's! We colored eggs, went swimming, did a humanitarian project, had a huge egg hunt, and met the Easter Bunny! Oh and ate and ate and ate somemore! The kids were so funny after the hunt they all sat on the patio and seperated their candy into piles and than proceeded to trade piles of candy for other piles of candy!! I think John P. ended up with everyones butterscoth candies!! So a Big Thank You to Gma & Gpa for always making Easter so much fun!! We Love You!


S & M Nichols said...

It was fun to see u & ur adorable little family at Easter time. I know that my trials had definely was hard that weekend when handling my Husband anxiety attack, & up with him all night along, then slept for 2 hrs, then up & partying with the family it was gr8 to see the family & have alittle fun taking pictures to captured the event. I hope that u ur kids had fun & I especially Like the service project that was fun & hiding the easter eggs for my younger cousin. Have gr8 weekend & take care love ya all very much. Love ur Niece, Rissy

Megan Andersen said...

Oh tell me about eating too kids were on the biggest sugar high, & mommy was on the biggest sugar low because she felt like such a tub of lard! My belly hurt for two days!! But I guess on Easter chocolate & good food goes..