Sunday, July 1, 2012

Skate Park Baby!

Degan has decided that he's going to become a pro scooter rider!! So in order for him to achieve this dream of going pro we have to take him to the skate park at the Logandale park at least once a week! He has also become obsessed with watching tricks on YouTube. One day he convinced his Dad to take him to the park to record him doing some of his tricks. Darin thought he was just going to simply record him with his IPhone but Degan had bigger plans and when Darin pointed at him to let him know he was ready Degan started talking and says "hey guys this is Big D and I'm gonna show you how to do whatever trick he decided to do and than closed the video with and remember face your fears and don't be scared!" and than made his Dad post a video on YouTube!

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