Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray! Its Candy Day!

This year for Halloween Dillon was Where's Waldo! (Which everybody loved) Degan was a Zombie Football player! Dustin was a SWAT police officer and thanks to Aunt Carla Daxton was his inmate! We made Dax an inmate at CCDC where Daddy works and his inmate number is Darin's P number #7638. They all had to go to school on Halloween day and they each had class parties, I was crazy and signed up to be the room mother for Dillon's class, it went well but I probably won't do it again! The week leading up to Halloween was also a lot of fun Degan went to Gavin's Halloween party, they went to a trunk or treat at Lin's and Dillon won first place in the best costume parade! and they also got to hold a snake and Dillon had another piano recital! I'm just glad October is over!

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