Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dusty Boy

This little guy has been having some issues. He complains that his tummy hurts quit often & he poops likes crazy! We noticed that he might be having some problems with dairy so we tried our best to keep him away from the things he loves like string cheese, yogurts, & ice cream but it's hard to tell him NO when his brothers are eating all these things in front of him. Right after we moved to Vegas we ate at Costco and he of course wanted pizza, we tried to convince his to get something else but he wouldn't have it so we decided to let him try & the poor kid a few hours after eating it was miserable, his belly was crazy bloated & he was crying because it hurt so bad. So after "The Pizza" incident we decided he needed to go see a gastro Dr. to figure out what is going on! The Dr. of course ordered blood work to be done to do a plethora of tests, and my little guy did amazing, he sat on my lap and didn't freak out when the needle was brought out in fact he didn't make a peep! I took him to target to pick out a toy for being so awesome!!

Fast Forward 4 weeks, got the test results back and he's fine!! So we basically paid $250 bucks to find out what we already knew, that he's lactose! but whatever, so happy it's not something serious :)

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