Sunday, December 8, 2013


In the morning at Mrs. Parkers Dustin made a cool headband with the longest Indian name ever on it!  Running kicking-jumping off a cliff, land on my feet SKUNK!! He would not smile for the picture he said Indians don't smile!
Later in the day Dustin's Kindergarten class did a cute program called "Pie & Poetry" in honor of Thanksgiving!! There's nothing cuter than a bunch of six year olds singing! It's an added bonus that we got some yummy pie too! Dustin kept looking and waving at us to make sure we were watching him!
I'm not sure how this happened, I thought for sure we wouldn't be hosting Thanksgiving for a while! Than we had to go and move into a big house again!! Oh well it's fun to get together and even more important for the cousins to bond and get to know each other!! The only bad part was the downstairs toilet almost overflowing and the upstairs toilet actually overflowing while Darin was "black friday" shopping in Mesquite!! This old house just couldn't handle all the bathroom visits, looks like we'll be changing all the toilets sooner than planned!!

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