Monday, January 11, 2010


My Basketball Star!

Dribble, Dribble

Around the Legs

Having a snack and watching a little B-Ball!
Kyra, Dillon, & Degan

Dillon decided he wants to play a little B-ball this year!! so over the Christmas break the High School Basketball team did a little 3 day camp for the kids to go learn some new skills! and at the end they asked them to do a half time performance for the JV team and than run out with the Varsity team and warm-up with them!! Dillon was so excited because his favorite team is the Pirates!! For the half time show they showed off their dribbling skills, the ball got away from Dillon a few times but he did great!! and than while we waited for the Varsity game to start him & Kyra goofed around in the weight room with the players and made many trips to the concession stand! and than they took the kids to the locker room for the pep talk (Dillon said the locker room was AWESOME) and than the best part of all when the band started playing out came the leader and than all the little kids followed behind!! after they made the lap around the gym they had the kids do some lay ups! I was hoping that Dillon would make a basket, but of course the baskets are way to high, but he did hit the side of the back board which I thought was pretty impressive!!! He had a lot of fun that night and thought he was pretty cool and now wants to go to all the Pirate B-ball games---Go Pirates!!

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Katie said...

Holy cow, they are growing up so fast! Before you know it he'll be playing for the Pirates! :D