Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christams!

Dillon's countdown!!

Dillon On the Coolest bike ever!!

Degan loving his 4-Wheeler!

Dustin You're under arrest!

As you can tell Santa was very good to the kids this year!! They were so happy to see that Santa had brought them almost everything on their lists!! Dustin was the first one out of the room and ran straight for the 4-wheeler and sat there for a good portion of the morning! Dillon thought his bike was the Coolest bike ever!! only because his favorite colors are black and red! Degan got a bike to, but was more excited about the 4-wheeler and cruised it up to Summer & Carli's house to show the girls his new ride!! Dustin's favorite gift didn't come from Santa but from his brother's who got him his own little tool box with some fake tools, He toted that thing around all day!! We had a fun Christmas hanging out at home and playing with all our new toys! Thank You Santa!!

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