Sunday, March 21, 2010

Like Mike!!

Dillon had a lot of fun playing Basketball this year! and looked good doing it too! His Dad bought him a pair of Air Jordan's which Dillon was super excited about cause you know they make you run faster and jump higher!! The games were pretty funny to watch, there was a lot of traveling and fouling going on!! and after one of the games Darin was drilling Dillon and asked him: OK Dillon what do you do when you get the ball? and Dillon says: Well I'm going to pass it to Cameron because he is the best player on our team!! Darin & I laughed so hard cause that is pretty much how he was playing! Darin wanted him to shoot the ball and make a basket so bad that on the last game Darin bribed him with a trip to Wally's and it totally worked!! He shot the ball and scored two baskets!! and something that surprised me was during the last few games he started getting a little vocal and would yell his team mates names and wave his arms around for them to pass him the ball!! I know Dillon really enjoyed himself and we were even wishing it would go a little longer because that last game it actually looked like a B-Ball game!!

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