Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Fair Time!!

Yes It's that time of year again when the venders roll in with their yummy food! and the Carnies show up with all the fun rides that the kids love and the parents hate!! The kids seemed extra excited for the fair this year and had lots of fun the one day we went!! We could tell Dillon had grown up from last year because he thought the "baby" rides were boring and went on a lot of the bigger rides! Degan Flyin High!! This was his favorite ride!!
Dillon Climbing the Rope! He thought he was cool cause he reached the top!
The roller coaster was a hit! they loved riding in the front car!
Rock On!! Dillon's favorite ride!
Dillon on the Super Loop!! Ok most kids his age won't dare go on it and the kids in his class didn't believe him when he told them!! but he thought it looked fun, but quickly changed his mind while on the ride and when he got off Darin said his eyes were really big and said "I'm not doing that again!"

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