Saturday, June 26, 2010

SiSi Did It!!

I'm not sure where Dustin learned to blame things on other kids, but already at 2 years old he is blaming poor SiSi for bad things he does!! So last month Darin & I tried to sleep in a little bit and Dustin took it upon himself to try and turn on a movie, I walked into the living room as he was putting a movie into the DVD player and trying to push it back in, I heard a snap and went to look up close, well he got the movie in but it wouldn't come back out. Darin even tore it apart to try and fix it! from the moment he broke the DVD player he blamed it on SiSi and days after when we asked him who broke the movie? He would tell us "SiSi broke the movie uhh ohh" He also broke the front of his sock drawer off by climbing on his dresser to get out socks and guess who got blamed for that?? poor SiSi isn't even around and she's getting blamed!!

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Torrey said...

hilarious and he figured it out so young!