Saturday, July 2, 2011


Last night we spent the night on Mt. Trumbull with a bunch of Bundy's for the Bundy family reunion! Even though it was a little toasty and crazy dirty we enjoyed our time on the mountain! Dustin loved the playground and wanted to spend all his time there! Dillon got a few lessons from Uncle Clayton and learned how to rope! Degan & Canyon did a little break dancing at the talent show! A few forts were built and the older boys packed a tent without poles and had to sleep in the great outdoors!!
The Merry-Go-Round was a favorite until poor little Dustin was thrown from it and they all got hurt one by one then it became "The Death Wheel"
And than the event we went up there for, the ever famous Bundy Races! Dustin did NOT want to race and cried the whole way to his dad! Degan did awesome and got 2nd! and Dillon's age group had a re-match and I missed the announcement but he was happy with an otter pop!!

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