Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dustin has a serious obsession with Dillon's I-touch and his Daddy's phone! He knows how to brows through the apps to find what he wants and can get on them! He steals them off the charger and will go hide and watch netflix or u-tube! If he spots one laying around not being used he snatches it up and refuses to share! He gets ticked off when the battery dies and he's in the middle of a show! He even falls asleep watching it! and when you ask him what he wants for his B-day or Christmas he tells you he wants an I-Touch!!

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Torrey said...

lol! I've fallen off the blogging world, but I check in on you every once and awhile. You are so good to keep up with it! I love your blog posts and the kids quotes on the side column are hilarious!! Your boys are too cute.