Friday, August 12, 2011

The Beginning of Someone Amazing

19 weeks
I've had a lot of mixed feelings about this pregnancy, at first being shocked by the two pink lines, than being so sick with morning sickness, and than the worry of miscarriage. I'm sad to say I was less than excited to be doing this for the fourth time. But when I went in for the 9wk. ultrasound and I saw your little heart beating and than got to hear it at 15wks. I instantly fell in love and I knew you were meant to be ours! Now that I'm past the morning sickness and feeling so much better all the feelings of why me went to why not me! We can provide a loving home and I'm thinking this time around with the boys being older and maybe can help out more it's going to be fun and they are so excited to have a little person around! Dillon & Degan do NOT want another little brother and Dusty doesn't want a sister because he doesn't like girls! Well whatever you may be I'm excited to be your mom & to meet & raise you--See you in January!! 

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Rissy & Spence said...

I am so excited to have alittle cousin again that it is so exciting.. I wish I live close too u & I can babysit my cousin for you & Darin have date night or go out of town just u guys... TTYL Have gr8 week Love ya tell ur boys I said Hi from their cuz Rissy & Spence...