Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to Life-Back to Reality!!

-Degan's first day of Kindergarten-
-Dillon's first day of 3rd grade-
Back to School! The day started early for the boys because Dad woke them up when he got home so he could feed them breakfast in bed and see them before they headed off to school! Degan was super excited and couldn't wait to get there to see all his friends! (some how Mrs. Hammons got all of his preschool buddies!) Dillon I think was a little nervous but didn't want me to know cause he asked if I could drop Degan off first and go wait with him! but you can't blame the kid we didn't know his teacher or where his classroom would be, but as soon as he saw that he was going to be in a portable all fears were erased and he was excited! YAY for a successful first day of school and to be back on a schedule!!

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