Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kool-Aid Get Your Kool-Aid!!

If there was ever a time I wished I had my camera with me, today was the day!! I went to pick Degan up from his friend Tucker's house and when I pull up Degan, Tucker, & Tucker's sisters are in the drive way with a huge igloo cooler full of Kool-Aid! and a sign charging their customers 25 cents a cup! So I of course hop out with a couple quarters in hand to purchase some of their yummy Kool-Aid and see that the cooler didn't have the lid on it and inside were some spoons they used to stir it with and they had a stack of hard plastic, non disposable cups for their customers to drink from!! I asked Degan who helped them get this business up and going he said: "we did it ourselves!" and "I tried the Kool-Aid and it didn't taste very good so we added 5 more cups of sugar!!" I'm sure it was really good and I'm sure the two customers they got really enjoyed it!!

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