Sunday, November 13, 2011

What's Cookin?

As we were walking through the bakery section of Costco a few weeks ago Dillon ran up to me and said: "Mom I can't wait to eat Aunt Torrey's pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving this year!!" and ever since than I have been craving one of her pies!! so I asked her if she'd show us how to make her yummy pie and of course she said she would, so we made a trip in and she taught Dillon how to make her pumpkin pie!! He loved every minute especially making the "snakes" for the crust and eating it for breakfast the next morning! Thanks Torrey he can't wait to make your pie for Thanksgiving this year!!

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Torrey said...

Awe! Anytime Tami!! I love Dillon and I seriously had so much fun making pumpkin pie with him. He is one cute little baker. I can't wait to try his pie!