Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Fun

12-23-12 We took the boys out to Town Square to see the huge Christmas tree and to do some last minute shopping. I feel like this Christmas was a blur and I didn't enjoy it like I usually do, I'm sure the whole moving out of our house four days before Christmas had something to do with not feeling the Christmas spirit but there's always next year and I'll be sure not to let that one pass us by!!

12-24-12 We went over to the Overson's for a Christmas Eve Dinner and let the kids run wild and destroy their upstairs!! After dinner we drove 2 minutes to our new place and the kids opened their Christmas PJ's and I had made the three older boys a picture book of Ruger! The boys are excited at first and than Degan starts reading some of the stories I wrote and begins to cry, so of course Darin & I start crying and than Dillon. Not quit the reaction I was hoping for but super sweet! -they miss their dog-

12-25-12 Even with all the craziness of moving right before Christmas not one present was lost, and Santa still found us! -YAY- The boys were all happy with what santa dropped off and we had to take them to the skate park later so they could try out their new scooters!! The Elf on the Shelf was another favorite present, Degan was SOOO happy to see him hangin out on his scooter that morning and that sneeky elf kept the boys entertained for the next few days until we packed him up for next years fun!! Merry Christmas!

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