Saturday, January 12, 2013

So Long Farewell

Neighbor Friends
Best Buddies
Dax & Thayne
Canyon, Jesse, Degan, Breckan, & Tucker
Jesse & Dustin
Dillon & Zach
     Dillon & Thayne have been buddies for years and were always at each other's houses building forts, playing video games or creating things in the lego room! Thayne would come get the boys every morning to go catch the bus and Dax would get so excited to see him & reach out for Thayne to hold him, I think Dax thought Thayne was one of his brothers because he was at our house so much!!
     Degan had a good group of boys to hang out with, they have been friends since their preschool days! After the reindeer run Scarlett planned a little going away party for Degan at the park and they all ran around like crazy boys do!
     Dustin & Jesse were just getting started, they didn't always get along and fought over something every time they got together, but that didn't stop them from wanting to play together all the time. They had fun playing with the batman house or watching videos on the computer!
     Moving the kids away from their friends is by far the hardest part of moving. But I promised the boys that they won't loose touch with their best friends and we now allow sleepovers but only with our Logandale friends!! Who knows maybe we'll end up back in Logandale!!

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